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Born Free


We had our unofficial first Kenya team meeting Sunday afternoon. It was so good to see friends again, most of whom I haven’t seen since last November. This last week I’ve just been awash with memories of last year’s trip. It was beautiful, and expensive, and exhausting – both mentally and physically. And yet, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’ve already unofficially committed to this year’s trip in October.

Last year we saw about 2,800 patients over a week and 1/2 in the bush. It was about 60 degrees at night and 105-110* during the day. I didn’t speak the language. I was unaccustomed to the culture. But I was reminded each day that a smile translates easily, and a hug has the same meaning halfway across the globe. Sometimes I would just hold a patient’s hand while waiting for a translator. Or someone would hand me a ridiculously adorable baby to just hold and play with.

(sidenote: I had to learn not to be offended when children started crying at the sight of me. I looked quite different from anyone they’ve ever seen.)

The Pokot had just come out of a 7 year drought and were celebrating their first real crop in nearly a decade. The cows weren’t as gaunt as they had been previous years (so I hear). And it was a cause for praise every where we went.

I can’t wait to go back and see the Pokot. They are in my thoughts and dreams most every day. And to see the landscape – words can’t describe it’s beauty. So here’s a picture instead.

Acacia Tree

* But it was a dry heat.


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Workin’ for the weekend

What a great weekend! I mean, apart from the ant attack and all. (which seem to have subsided these last two days, thankyouverymuch – thanks to some bleach, borax and peppermint oil)

It all started with my hawesome Friday night with her and her and her and her and her, and especially her.

Saturday brought sunshine and a Detroit Tiger’s game with my good friend Kelly. Which was great because:

1.) Kelly is amazing, fun, and always makes me laugh.

2.) The Tigers won! Even though it was pretty close for a while.

3.) People watching.

Baseball is the great equalizer. You really see all walks of life there. Rich and poor; classy, and, um – not-so-classy; old and young. You never know who you’re going to see there, or who may be sitting by you. This last Saturday we had the “privilege” of sitting right in front of some big, drunk man-party. I’m not sure if it was a bachelor party or a fraternity get together. All I know is there was a whole lot of beer and a WHOLE lotta cologne. Seriously – I think the dudes fogged themselves in AXE between innings.

Or the random young hip-hop metrosexual in his D&G glasses who had the most interesting way of explaining his scar to a girl nearby. Oh, no! It wasn’t just from an accident… It was from when he wrecked his Mercedes SUV (insert ridiculously long description of his fabulous car and how superior it was – yadda yadda yadda) when he was driving back from this fabulous club (can’t remember the name, but he thought highly of it..). And then he wrapped it around a tree on I-75. And ruined some fabulous shirt. Which kinda sucks.

But don’t worry – FORTUNATELY, He is still fabulous! and has a cool scar! He may have killed the car, but not his ego. Phew!

I especially love how drunk people cheer for the team. Like screaming obsenities at the refs/managers/opposing team members from the nosebleed sections makes any difference. *sigh*

Really, though, I do love it. It’s fun to watch people get passionate and rally behind a team.

After the game I went to my first bonfire of the season and got to soak up some great campfire smell and enjoy a few beers with my friends.

And Sunday? That was the best of all. But I’ll save that for another post. :).

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Marching one by one….

I stumbled into the kitchen this morning for a post-late-night fix and discovered this:

one by one -hurrah

and this:


ew. ew. ew. I’ve seen a stray ant here & there over the last week or so, but this was a full on siege of my kitchen. I guess it is officially spring in Michigan now. It looks like they are coming in through the top of the doorwall. I found a gap in the molding there that will have to be fixed this weekend. Oh joy. Any suggestions would be SO appreciated!

There wasn’t an ant problem last summer, or the one before, so I guess I’ve just been lucky?

On a better note – The dinner for Bossy last night was a blast! There was such a diverse group of great women. We talked for hours. and ate. and drank wine & martinis & some blueberry lemon drops. Yum.

And of course, as all good guests do – we followed the hostesses strict rules:

well – we tried at least!

Thank you Bossy for getting us together. And to Mommy’s Martini for being such a fabulous hostess!


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Guess who’s coming to dinner?


Which is pretty exciting since she’s a muse and inspiration for me.

I used to have plenty of creative outlets and would write and journal all the time.  Lately I’ve been too busy “doing” life to relax and reflect on it.  As a catalyst for change, I finally took the first step by creating my own page.  As Richard Dreyfuss said “Baby Steps”

Alright – so I got off of the subject for a moment there.  Bossy is on a road trip, and her pit stop in Detroit is tomorrow.  About 8-10 bloggers from the greater Detroit area are hosting her tomorrow night and I am so nervous that I’m sweating profusely EXCITED.

First there’s the anxiety: will I like these people?  More importantly: will they like me?  How many embarrassing things will I say?  Will they like my salad?  What do I wear?  And O-sweet-lord: please don’t let me fart in front of strangers accidentally. or on purpose for that matter…

One reassuring fact about tomorrow’s dinner: we are all strangers.  None of us have met each other (I don’t think) and I’m not sure any of us have met bossy either.

Wish me luck!  More to come later.

ps: yes, that would be my very first link above. :o)

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About this blog:

Just another outlet. And a New Year’s resolution met: looking for a way to creatively express my journey as I travel through this world.  Good friends.  Family.  Laughter & love.  Above all God is good.

Life is good.

Life is beautiful.

Life can also be messy, and confusing, and filled with shadows and doubts.

But beyond every valley is another peak – and you can savor the view back over the years, even while looking forward is filled with fog and mist.

But that’s just part of the adventure.

About Me?

31 (for a bit). Single.  60% sporty, 40% girly.  Professional from 8-5, and fun 24/7.  Runner, golfer, flower-smeller, and hugger of children.  Passionate ice cream eater and lover of sweet tea.  New England transplant living in Michigan.

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