Guess who’s coming to dinner?


Which is pretty exciting since she’s a muse and inspiration for me.

I used to have plenty of creative outlets and would write and journal all the time.  Lately I’ve been too busy “doing” life to relax and reflect on it.  As a catalyst for change, I finally took the first step by creating my own page.  As Richard Dreyfuss said “Baby Steps”

Alright – so I got off of the subject for a moment there.  Bossy is on a road trip, and her pit stop in Detroit is tomorrow.  About 8-10 bloggers from the greater Detroit area are hosting her tomorrow night and I am so nervous that I’m sweating profusely EXCITED.

First there’s the anxiety: will I like these people?  More importantly: will they like me?  How many embarrassing things will I say?  Will they like my salad?  What do I wear?  And O-sweet-lord: please don’t let me fart in front of strangers accidentally. or on purpose for that matter…

One reassuring fact about tomorrow’s dinner: we are all strangers.  None of us have met each other (I don’t think) and I’m not sure any of us have met bossy either.

Wish me luck!  More to come later.

ps: yes, that would be my very first link above. :o)


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  1. Just so you know – we (in Detroit) loved you! Thanks for bringing your delicious salad and most excellent company to make the night the huge success that it was!

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