Born Free


We had our unofficial first Kenya team meeting Sunday afternoon. It was so good to see friends again, most of whom I haven’t seen since last November. This last week I’ve just been awash with memories of last year’s trip. It was beautiful, and expensive, and exhausting – both mentally and physically. And yet, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’ve already unofficially committed to this year’s trip in October.

Last year we saw about 2,800 patients over a week and 1/2 in the bush. It was about 60 degrees at night and 105-110* during the day. I didn’t speak the language. I was unaccustomed to the culture. But I was reminded each day that a smile translates easily, and a hug has the same meaning halfway across the globe. Sometimes I would just hold a patient’s hand while waiting for a translator. Or someone would hand me a ridiculously adorable baby to just hold and play with.

(sidenote: I had to learn not to be offended when children started crying at the sight of me. I looked quite different from anyone they’ve ever seen.)

The Pokot had just come out of a 7 year drought and were celebrating their first real crop in nearly a decade. The cows weren’t as gaunt as they had been previous years (so I hear). And it was a cause for praise every where we went.

I can’t wait to go back and see the Pokot. They are in my thoughts and dreams most every day. And to see the landscape – words can’t describe it’s beauty. So here’s a picture instead.

Acacia Tree

* But it was a dry heat.



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2 responses to “Born Free

  1. dry heat is still hot, dude.

  2. Rionokal L Mathew

    jambo. keep the same spirit

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