It’s that green time of year again. My favorite season. I love watching the world around me come back to life, awakening from hibernation. (which lasts far, far, FAR too long here in Michigan).

The tulips are in bloom around my mailbox, the sun rises earlier and sets later, the weeds are growing like – well -weeds.

And then I take a deep breath and:




The sure sign of spring. The smell that lifts my spirits from deep down in my olfactory. I don’t know when it started – but there’s just something about the clean scent of a freshly mowed yard that puts a smile in my heart. I find myself subconsciously breathing deeper, inhaling as much of the greeny goodness as I can without actually hyperventilating.

Even the trees are ripe in their adolescence. The early-bloomers already have some small leaves growing on the branches. The slower-to-mature ones are adorned with promising buds. Soon enough my street will be covered by their full shade and a million shades of my favorite color.

When I’m driving down my street or jogging in the neighborhood park – my summer is filled with God moments. I feel him wooing me with all the textures and hues and the whooshing rustle of the leaves. If it were up to lazy-butt me: there would be so much less variety to enjoy. My imagination is big – but I just can’t wrap my head around the creativity of the Creator.

It’s spring again. And I’m happy all the way down in my soul.


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