just resting…

Hello Innernets! It’s been a long, sleep deprived week. I apologize for the lack of posts!  It doesn’t help that I’ve had problems with my work computer crashing every time I tried to save or publish.

Sometimes I don’t really *heart* technology.

But back to some hawesomeness – and the reason I’ve been too pooped to post:

To kick it off – I had a GREAT party this last Sunday. About 60+ of my closest friends – and some people I’ve never met before – got together to eat freshly-popped corn, bounce on a moonwalk, and hit up the ice cream truck that stopped by. Also there were burgers, dogs, beer, pop, s’mores. Football, ladder golf, bonfire. Life is good. Life is really really good.

However – life does suck just a little when you are cleaning up after kicking the last guest out at 4am! Getting up a 9 to finish up the heavy cleaning/dishes/etc.

No one threw up on the moonwalk – Yay! Although I was concerned about one of my sangria-influenced friends. 🙂 However, we did have a lot of minor injuries of the bruising/vinyl-burn type from the WWF style activities going on inside the giant inflatable frog. Picture to follow.

* note to self: include bandaids, gauze, and neosporin in next year’s party supply list.

To all my friends (old & new): Thank you for making it a great night (and morning!) – and a great year! I love you all. 🙂

Also to come soon. *golf *getting girly *and taking Jessie’s challenge to go on a date! (I promise I’m working on it, girl!)

Take care – miss ya!


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