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Grrrrl power

I am not a plan

B. Or a consolation

prize. I am worth more.


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I Scream – week two

Week two brought a twist to my summer ice cream challenge.


Went for a 3.5 mile hike the other night with miss Million and stopped at a little ice cream shack at our 1/2 way point.

Sometimes all you need is a simple soft-serve chocolate-vanilla twist to make your day.

And sometimes you need chocolate sprinkles (Jimmies) on that twist while you’re at it. 🙂

The walk to the ice cream stand was fast and brisk.  We made great time and got a good rythm going.  The walk back – not so much.  At least not the first mile. We were too busy trying to keep all of the sprinkles from falling off the quickly melting cones.  And we ordered mediums – thinking that’s what we saw other people eating. But they must have had smalls, because ours were huge.

Luckily, I wore a brown shirt – which successfully hid all of my ice cream drips.  Poor Miss M looked like she’d been pelted by a flock of pigeons.  She’ll know better next time, though.

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a pox on you!

What a great insult.  I mean, really – who would actually wish for someone to have the pox if they didn’t truly despise the person?

Most people I know have had chicken pox as a child.  It’s just one of those things that you get.  One of those itchy, scratchy, feverish, uncomfortable, downright miserable things that you just get.  I was very lucky – my best friend Kelly got them about 1-2 days after I did in the fourth grade.  So we hung out on couches covered in cool cotton sheets and were miserable together.  We ate popsicles and watched reruns of The Monkees, Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch.  Misery loves company – and that’s the truth!


I dated a guy who came down with the chicken pox at age 30.  While on a family vacation to Disney World.  The fever and aches (and the pox) came down hard on him shortly after entering the park.  He whizzed his young son (maybe 1 1/2 yrs old?) Through the park highlights and then headed home. To Michigan.  In a car. 

Again – I realize I had it pretty lucky.

Last night I talked to my good friend Sue.  This woman waited over 30 years to come down with what sounds like the worst case of chicken pox I’ve ever heard of.  They’re in her ears, her nose, her mouth.  She’s downright miserable – and for good cause.  She was in a fevered, chilled stupor at then end of last week – and it went downhill from there.  I wish I would’ve known sooner.  I would have stopped by to keep her company.  Or bring her some ice tea, ice cream, iced ensure…. Whatever.  Because while there are times during an illness that you just want to be alone – a week is a looooong time to be isolated. 

I spent 4 days this last February in bed with the flu.  I was delirious, feverish, and had horrible chilling cold sweats.  The worst was the monotony of not having anyone to talk to or hang out.  I didn’t want to infect anyone – so I kept to myself.  But watching reruns from the couch is so much better with friends!

beautiful sueSo tonight, I’ll be visiting my dear Sue.  There’ll be movies and ice cream, and cool beverages.  We love you, Sue – get better soon!


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100 pieces – parts 1-4

I saw this on another blog and thought it was an interesting way to work on personalizing this site a little more.  She had a page where she was working on listing 100 little factoids about herself.

I’ll be creating a page to keep an archived list of these – but thought I’d throw a few out here as a post to get the ball rolling.

1.) I was born and part-raised in Avon, Massachusettes.  We moved to MI when I was 9.

2.) I have one younger sister, and one niece.  My parents are still happily married – so I count myself blessed to come from a great, stabile family.

3.) My parents both come from 7 child families – so I have a TON of aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd/3rd cousins, people who I grew up thinking were cousins – but really are just good friends of the family. 

4.) I Love big families! I tend to subconciously be attracted to guys from big families.  Most of my serious boyfriends have had 5-8 siblings. (and I usually date the youngest child….)

Okay – enough for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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I Scream summer

For the second year, my friend Beth and I have set a summer challenge for ourselves.  But we tend to have a slightly off-center mind set compared to most people we know.

The average person wants to exercise more, or look great in a bathing suit, or travel somewhere exotic… 

Those goals are all good and noble.  And I would like to achieve all of those as well.  They play small roles in my master plan.  But what I am really looking for is something that screams “Greatness”.

And that something, my friends, is the I Scream Summer challenge 2k8.  Oh yes – for the length of summer (which began last Friday) Beth and I would like to try a new/different ice cream flavor each week.  Now there’s a goal I can really get behind!

(Of course – it also has to tie in with my increased running goal or else I’ll just be really getting a big behind.) 🙂

So to kick off the season we went to Woolies in Rochester Hills for our first cones.  Beth got Superman (a perennial favorite of hers).  I opted for the guest flavor of the week: Cappucino Crunch.  Sadly – I had to get it in a bowl instead of a cone since it was a little too soft.

Overall – 3.5 stars.  It was good, but not great.  (Although the company was fabulous!) Maybe the cone would have bumped it up a little.

Any suggestions of great flavors or ice cream stands are gratefully accepted.  It’s a tough goal – and I hope to really stretch myself as a human being this summer. 

ed. note: Stretching myself this summer hopefully only applies to my potential for fun – and not my waistline! 🙂

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change of plans

In the words of Kelly B’s grandma –  I’ve decided to get off my pity-pot.   It’s about time.

There are still moments each day that I get a little bit blue, but then I just focus on all that is going well in my life right now.

The DSW’s (my fabulous small group)





Golf (not playing great, but I always have a great time)

enjoying a nice dinner on a Friday night with some good company.

my health.  (thanks to Joe F – I try not to take it for granted)


So there.  As Melissa put it – I seemed like my usual fun self on Saturday night at the big bonfire party.

But just to keep the momentum going, I’m planning a little vacationtherapy.  Hitting the Buick Open this weekend (Saturday am, Sunday afternoon) with a detour to Grand Rapids in between to see my bff Kelly.  Nothing like a some quality girlfriend time to put things in perspective.  I’ve also booked my annual Cape Cod trip this morning.

Lastly, I reserved my time off request for a long weekend overarching black-Saturday as I’m now calling it.  Not sure where I’m going, but I’m getting the heck out of Dodge that weekend.  Any suggestions for a fun, cheap vacation spot are appreciated. 🙂

Still working out a few kinks here and there.  Thanks for your patience in the mean time.

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That’s how I feel about where my life is right now.

on pause.

give me a bit of time to lick my wounds and re-center.

talk to you soon.


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