party all the time

Yawn – I still feel like I’m on a rollercoaster – shooting from one thrill to another, never knowing what’s around the next turn. But I guess that’s part of the fun of living, right?

It’s been a very social couple of weeks, with an action-packed schedule. (so action packed, in fact, that I am having difficulty setting a date/time for a first date – but that’s a whole other story.) (note #2 – I’m working on it Jessie, ok??!)

To start off with last week – a lot of fun was had at Chez Juli. Over 60 peeps showed up for the festivities. Some people scoffed at the idea of a moonwalk (Yes, I’m looking at you, Patrick). While the visionaries among us knew it would be a huge hit. And speaking of hits – there was some serious WWF style rough play going on in there, and some people may have to be more closely monitored next time. Apparently, some of my friends don’t necessarily know how to “play nice with others”. I’m not naming names, though.

cage fighthers

Most everyone had a great time, although things got a little scary from time to time. Here’s a game for you: can you find all 6 people hidden in this picture?:

pig pile

No serious injuries occurred, and we all got a few great laughs throughout the night. And after you’ve worked up an appetite, what’s better than some dessert?

ice cream, lieutenant dan!

Yup – that would be Aaron & April’s Ice cream truck. Right in my driveway!. And there was free ice cream for the birthday girls. Sigh. Did I mention yet how much I love my friends?? (In case you were wondering, I had some chocolate-chocolate cone thingy that was just fabulous, and yet not too chocolatey. I don’t know the name, but Aaron can point you in the right direction.)

People came. They bounced. They ate. They bonfired and s’mored. Cocktails were consumed and so was pop. Pancake making started around 12:30 am – and were enjoyed by many. (Taco Bell is not the original home of 4th meal!) And I had to finally kick the last guest out at 4am. (But I still love ya, Melissa!!!). And the joys that awaited me the next morning? oh. yeah….


Can’t wait until next year!


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