Putting the “fun” in wardrobe malfunction.

Does anyone else ever have those days?  You know: the ones where all sorts of little mistakes/problems seem to add up and pile on?

And, you see, I have problems dressing myself.  Still.   Especially in the undergarment department.  On a fairly regular basis my underwear goes on inside-out.  Which, really – isn’t that big of a deal I guess.  I think I mostly feel like a failure at basic pre-school level gross motor skills. 

This happened yesterday.  and today. and last week.

This morning I was talking with a coworker in his office for a few minutes.  I kept feeling a sharp pain in my side, up by my armpit.  So I looked down – thinking there was somthing sharp stuck in my sleeveless sweater.  I found a good 2″ of my bra underwire poking out of my sweater.  My male coworker gasped.   I’m surprised it didn’t hurt more.   I tried to gracefully push it back in, but that wasn’t happening.  It took a good 2-3 tries and some boob manipulation to get the darn thing tucked back in.

To quote one of my favorite blogs: Oh. The joys.



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