Thursday update and mosaic answers

Know what I think is pretty awesome?  Electricity.  Oh – how I do miss thee!  I haven’t had power since last Sunday.  And while I’m surviving just fine, it’s beginning to wear on my nerves a bit.  The last two days have been pretty comfortable after the weather cooled off a bit.  But today and tomorrow are going to be 88 and humid.  My place is going to feel like a convection oven again.  ugh.  DTE is guessing that they’ll have my power back on either later Friday night or maybe Saturday.

I had to get ready for my blind date last Sunday in the semi-dark of a summer storm.  As if preparing for such an event isn’t nerve wracking enough! 🙂 –> more details on that event another time.

Changing gears here: After looking at my mosaic – I thought there were a few things that needed some clarification.

Like: my celebrity crush.  In case you were wondering – it’s Jimmy Fallon.  Not Drew Barrymore.  Don’t get me wrong-  she’s a beautiful lady and all, and she seems like a lot of fun.  She’s just not my type – one too many X chromosomes.

For the rest of the answers:

1.) First Name: Julianne.  And I love this pic of Julianne Moore – she’s waaaaaay more photogenic than I

2.) Favorite food: sweet yellow corn on the cob.  Great for summer nights.

3.) High School: Rochester Adams.  This is actually a photo of their cheerleading squad.  I think it’s a little creepy that some dude out there has so many photos of young cheerleaders – I hope he’s just a dad.

4.) Favorite Color: Green.  love it love it love it.  And not just because I went to MSU, or because I’m a tree hugger.  Seriously – doesn’t this photo make you happy just looking at it?

5.) Celebrity crush: Jimmy Fallon.  (see description above.)  He’s also my imaginary boyfriend.

6.) Favorite drink: Mojito.  yum.   (I also love G&T’s and beer – but I figured mojito’s would have the best photo – notice there’s lots of green in it!)

7.) Dream vacation: Australia.  Especially the Great Barrier Reef.  I love snorkeling.  But I hear that all of the tourism in that area is detrimental to that fragile ecosystem.  Maybe I’ll just dream about it instead.

8.) Favorite dessert: Tiramisu.  hands down.  words can’t really describe how I feel about a really well done tiramisu.  I have to learn how to make it myself someday.

9.) When I grow up: I have this dream about working in a Kenyan orphanage.  And loving on all of those children.  Just look at the beautiful faces.  The best part about this photo: it’s an orphanage with a REAL bathroom.  The other ones I’ve visited have outhouses.  ugh.

10.) What do I love: Jesus.  He is so amazing to me – and I hope to grow more in love with him every day of my life.

11.) One word that describes me: Funny.  I love making people laugh, and I love when they make me laugh.  Plus I love husky men – so this photo was made for me!  (Although he could lose the mullett and hooves…)

12.) my flickr name?  None.  I don’t have one – I use photobucket. 🙂  I just love this girly little hamster-thing.  too cute.


Did anyone else try this at home?  I would love to hear if you did!


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