change of plans

In the words of Kelly B’s grandma –  I’ve decided to get off my pity-pot.   It’s about time.

There are still moments each day that I get a little bit blue, but then I just focus on all that is going well in my life right now.

The DSW’s (my fabulous small group)





Golf (not playing great, but I always have a great time)

enjoying a nice dinner on a Friday night with some good company.

my health.  (thanks to Joe F – I try not to take it for granted)


So there.  As Melissa put it – I seemed like my usual fun self on Saturday night at the big bonfire party.

But just to keep the momentum going, I’m planning a little vacationtherapy.  Hitting the Buick Open this weekend (Saturday am, Sunday afternoon) with a detour to Grand Rapids in between to see my bff Kelly.  Nothing like a some quality girlfriend time to put things in perspective.  I’ve also booked my annual Cape Cod trip this morning.

Lastly, I reserved my time off request for a long weekend overarching black-Saturday as I’m now calling it.  Not sure where I’m going, but I’m getting the heck out of Dodge that weekend.  Any suggestions for a fun, cheap vacation spot are appreciated. 🙂

Still working out a few kinks here and there.  Thanks for your patience in the mean time.


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