I Scream – week two

Week two brought a twist to my summer ice cream challenge.


Went for a 3.5 mile hike the other night with miss Million and stopped at a little ice cream shack at our 1/2 way point.

Sometimes all you need is a simple soft-serve chocolate-vanilla twist to make your day.

And sometimes you need chocolate sprinkles (Jimmies) on that twist while you’re at it. 🙂

The walk to the ice cream stand was fast and brisk.  We made great time and got a good rythm going.  The walk back – not so much.  At least not the first mile. We were too busy trying to keep all of the sprinkles from falling off the quickly melting cones.  And we ordered mediums – thinking that’s what we saw other people eating. But they must have had smalls, because ours were huge.

Luckily, I wore a brown shirt – which successfully hid all of my ice cream drips.  Poor Miss M looked like she’d been pelted by a flock of pigeons.  She’ll know better next time, though.


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