piece #7

7.) I love Fireworks!!

Fourth of July is one of my all-time favorite holidays. The lights, the bangs! and Booms! I especially love the ones that look like giant chysanthemums whose thick, sparkling petals look like they are falling down right on top of you.

The closer I am; the louder and brighter they are- the better! Some of my favorite shows are in Clawson and in Lake Angelus.

Oh, yeah – but especially the ones that go off when you have a great kiss. mmmmm.


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One response to “piece #7

  1. I LOVE fireworks too — and the chrysanthemums are my favorites too. I haven’t seen any fireworks since my kids were born, with the exception of the faraway ones we saw from our balcony in DisneyWorld, because fireworks are still too loud and scary for the little ones. But I can’t wait till they are bigger so we can watch them every chance we get!

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