Lesson not learned

Apparently I didn’t learn a thing from my lobster-fest a few weeks ago. Or maybe I did learn, but then subsequently forgot. Here’s the thing: I’m a pasty, fair skinned girl who loves being outside, loves swimming, but often forgets to put on any sunblock. Pale skin + the earth’s yellow sun + SPF 0 = trouble.

Just when I thought I was safe from any further damage – I went and spent 4.5 hrs at the pool with my favorite little punk. 4.5 hrs with no sunblock on. Granted I was in the water for most of the time, but even that won’t shield you hardly at all from the UV’s.

Luckily – it doesn’t hurt a lick this time. Which is apparently surprising to most people because it guess it looks kinda painful. But at least I suffered for a good cause. It’s hard work being the world’s best aunt. We played Marco Polo and swimming-dolphin-riding (hint: I was the dolphin), had swimming races, underwater-breath-holding contests, and shoulder diving. We even had a dance contest to the tunes from the restaurant speakers. Three generations of dorks enjoying some wicked dance moves never before seen, to the tunes of the Rolling Stones. A good time was had by all.

Especially by my favorite punk.

Not as innocent as she looks...

Not as innocent as she looks...


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