Inner Voice

You know that inner voice? That one that prompts you to take action, tells you when a situation is not good for you, lets you know when you’re doing something right? Some call it a conscience, conviction, a gut instinct. But I know it is the Holy Spirit working in me.

And I know that I need to listen to it better. That I need to slow down and quiet my life so that that voice inside me is so loud that I can no longer ignore it. It has never been wrong – so why don’t I trust it more?

The other day I found myself in a situation. And my “gut” was telling me to get out of there. To walk away, run if I have to.

To. just. go. now.

But I didn’t. The fleshy part of me won, and I wished like heck that it hadn’t. Sometimes the world whispers things in your heart – the most sensitive piece of you. Offers you some turkish delight. And for a minute, the voice of truth inside you is on mute. Overpowered by all the other noise.

You only get one chance at life – although, fortunately, life does sometimes give you a second chance along the way. Which voice am I going to choose to listen to? Because, after all, it is a choice that we all make. We can’t blame someone else for all of our mistakes.

What do you do to tune in to the Spirit working inside of you? How do you drown out the lies, and amplify the voice of truth?


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