Saucy Minx

Newsflash: My fiendish plan to make the world a saucier place is working according to plan. All my years of hard work: making goofy faces in snapshots, saying inappropriate things in public, tripping over my own two feet on level surfaces, and getting down with my bad self on any wedding dance floor as only a white girl can….. All that work is finally paying off.

I have been listed as a Saucy Blog. I couldn’t figure out where all my saucy, SITS love was coming from the last two days. I went to the site – and there it was, right there on the right sidebar. The recognition from an adoring public that I have been waiting for all these years. Now I know how Sally Field felt. *tear*.

Now, I’ve always considered myself a sassy gal. Several friends and ex-boyfriends have actually used just that word to describe me. So: Is Saucy an upgrade? Or is it more of a potato, potahto deal? I’m going to go with the upgrade/addition theory. And when I tell everyone that I’m “officially” saucy – I’m going to say it in the sauciest old-school-James-Bond-kitten voice. Oh heck yes. And I’m going to start dressing the part as well.

Please excuse me, I have to go find some saucy little number to wear to church. No time to start like the present, yes?

Have a saucy Sunday!



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7 responses to “Saucy Minx

  1. Congrats on the ‘Saucy’ title!!! I happened to find you via that precious little sidebar on the right side of SITS. Enjoy your official, “saucy-ness”!!

  2. All hail to my fellow saucy sista 🙂 WE ROCK!!! Lovin’ your blog, can’t wait to read more!!!!

  3. Thank you for entering Juli!! I really love that LUSH stuff! Wishing you lots of luck!!!

  4. Congrats on the saucy-ness 🙂 I was confused too, then I went and saw my blog! Pretty awesome.

  5. Whoo-hoo! I’m Saucy too!
    My husband thought I won something because I was so excited (I’m such a nerd!).
    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  6. We LOVE that you are embracing your Saucy’ness.

    Apparently, you have been totally saucy (and funny) all along.

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