An ambitious lush

Um, maybe I should explain.

First: The ambitious part is where I am interviewing for a promotion today. One that I have waited very patiently (yeah, right) for almost a year before it opened up. Other opportunities have been available since then, but I have been holding out for something that a.) I would really want; and b.) I’d be good at. Deep down (okay, not that far down) I have a desire to really succeed.

At The Leadership Summit this week one of the messages that really stuck with me was that I needed to do things with excellence. Obvious, I know… But if I’m not passionate enough about what I’m doing (or about who I am representing) to do my task with excellence, then maybe I need to find something else to be involved in.

I hate interviewing. I get all nervous and sweaty and shaky. And leading up to it – I find all of these doubts about my abilities coming to mind. The victory in this scenario thus far is this: It took guts (and initiative) for me to apply for this job. This basically amounts to my telling my boss: I can more than “just do” this job – I can succeed at it. Now all I have to do is truly believe this myself – and back it up by closing him (and his peers) on the deal. I’m a salesperson, darnit, I need to show that I can sell myself.

So…. if you’re reading this and it’s about 2-3pm Eastern Time on 8/11/08 – Send a kind thought, or prayer, or some bloggy love my way!

Second: The part where I am a LUSH. Not so much. honestly! I want to give a few unpaid product endorsements for LUSH products. They are amazing. I just discovered them this last spring, and have been hooked ever since. Everything is hand made, and smells amazing. They are mostly known for their fabulous bath bombs – but they are so much more than that. On an average day you’ll find me using:

Goddess shampoo bar

Buffy The Backside Slayer (amazing, exfoliating bar filled with Shea Butter moisturizing goodness.)

Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

Cosmetic lad moisturizer.

Those are my fav’s. And the occasional bath bomb or bubbling bath bar.

If you have never tried any of their great products, I encourage you to do so. And – what better way to start than by visiting Jennifer at The Fun House? She is giving away a whole basket of Lush love. There’s little of everything in there – so you’re sure to find something you adore.

If not (which I doubt…) You’ll at least have stumbled upon a real gem of a blog. Entertaining writing, beautiful kids, and an adventurous and grateful spirit. Stop by The Fun House and stay awhile. You’ll be glad you did.



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4 responses to “An ambitious lush

  1. Good luck with your interview today. I know what you mean about getting nervous. Last time I interviewed for a job I swore that if I got the job I would never leave! That was 5 years ago and I am still at the same job. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Best of luck with the interview!

  3. Hope your interview went well!

  4. The best of luck with your interview!

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