My blog can tell the future

The other day – when I wrote this quick update about my Sauciness – I didn’t realize that I was interfering with fate.

That my simple act of writing was putting some innocent person into harm’s way.

I try to be a good girl. A people pleaser. I really try not to hurt anyone – Not even when I’m wrestling with my sister during one of our annual Christmas WWF smackdowns. (er, um – more on that another time I guess).

But then came Sunday. And suddenly I am unknowingly condemning others. Whoever you are out there, Wherever you are: I’m sorry. Really, really sorry. I never realized that my sauciness would produce this:

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Sorry, someone. I thought this world was big enough for two Uber-Saucy minx’s. But I guess not. Good luck, and godspeed.



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2 responses to “My blog can tell the future

  1. LMAO!! I didn’t even notice that…I need to check in for my daily update. Does your blog do lotto numbers?!

  2. Stumbled on your blog while blog surfing. I read several of your posts and enjoyed it very much.

    Yes, sometimes those automatically generated posts are pretty random. Funny!

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