The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows it under his feet

~ James Oppenheim

I stumbled upon that quote a while back after an animated dinner conversation with a good girlfriend of mine. We mused about our wishes, dreams and hopes for our lives. What God’s plan is for us, and if – just maybe – that plan may involve a man at some point?!?!


The real point of the conversation was that while we had these longings, we were willing to wait for the extraordinary. We’ve gotten this far all by ourselves – why choose to settle now? In the meantime, our lives are not on hold. I am not looking “out there” for my life. Because my life is right here. Right now. I am not waiting for the “perfect” relationship before I get going on my dreams. There is too much living to be done, and I think it would be a sin to waste the time that I have been given in some sort of self-imposed holding pattern.

I’m pretty happy. Secure. Active. Surrounded by more love than I deserve from family & friends. Don’t get me wrong: I get lonely and I would like to be dating someone. However, I’m not letting that suck the joy and adventure out of my life. I’m using my time to serve others; I go out with friends regularly; I enjoy a good glass of wine (or two!) or a cold beer (or two!) on a warm summer night. Sometimes it’s just laying low at home with my ginormous cat, reading a book or watching a movie. But other days it’s traveling, or running, or going for a big promotion.

And I’m heading to Kenya for the second time to help run medical clinics for the Pokot people of NW Kenya in October.

I have to agree with Bill George’s quote from The Leadership Summit that I previously shared: “It’s not about your clock, but your compass”

I may not be where I thought I would be at this point in my life – but I’m enjoying the ride for everything it’s worth!


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  1. Embrace the now!! It sounds like you are doing great things with your life right now, girl! …and being surrounded by family and friends that want to be with you and love you proves that!

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