The Promotion – Part 2

So….. It’s probably not a great sign when your interview is interrupted by vomiting. But maybe it’s just been a while since I’ve brushed up on my Interview Etiquette?

My boss – whom I adore, and who is the one interviewing me – got sick on Monday afternoon. His 1 yr old daughter came down with the flu late last week, and his wife was sick over the weekend. I guess it was just his turn to be the up-chucker.

We talked on the phone Tuesday Morning to reschedule and to touch base on a few things we discussed prior to the hurl-fest. (Along with an unfortunate incident with an ex-coworker that necessitated an afternoon trip to HR)

Me: Um, feeling better?

The Man: Yes. How are you today? I wanted to make sure you’re alright.  And to let you know that I did think about you last night… (* note: this was not at all “thinking of you” in a creepy, inappropriate way!  This was because 1.) he had to leave early due to the spewing. and 2.) the crazy ex-coworker situation)

Me: ….When you were vomiting?

TM: Oh, haha.  That’s it. Now you’re catching on. Yup!

Me: Good to know that vomit reminds you of me. That the thought of working with me makes you want to hurl.

TM: Maybe you’re making me sick!

Me: Or maybe you’re just sick of me? Um – maybe I should just apply elsewhere….

I love that the people I work with, even the management, are all so relatable. And so much fun. I really work with the greatest team I could ever hope for. It’s a lot about the relationships – the one key benefit that HR can’t guarantee in writing. (click here for a great post discussing the nervousness behind finding friendships in your new workplace.)

And, dear friends of the innernets: if you could consider rallying behind me one more time for Interview, Take 2. This Friday, (TODAY!!) from 12-1:30 Eastern Time, I will be trying this again. And this time, we’ll try to keep the chunkage to a minimum.


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7 responses to “The Promotion – Part 2

  1. Good luck with the promotion, hopefully you can get through it sans puke. 😉

  2. GOOD LUCK and here’s to hoping for no puking 😉

  3. Good luck! And it’s always nice when you have great people to work with, isn’t it!!

  4. Okay, I missed the timepoint…so I hope everything went well for you today!!

  5. I’m very intrigued about the situation with the co-worker now. Must click around and see if you have referred to it more specifically in a prior or subsequent post.

    I think that speaks well of your relationship with your boss if you can freely discuss hurling 🙂

  6. oh yuck on the puke. I am such a germ freak I would have been more freaked that I would get it!

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