The DSW’s

I may have mentioned them before – but I wanted to make a formal introduction of a group of women that hold my heart.

This is my Thursday night – which I rigorously defend in my calendar.

This is my support network, my full-belly laughter, my work out crew, my spiritual walk.

These are women who challenge me to be a better person today than I was yesterday.  To strive for transparency.  Who show me that there is such a thing as grace and second chances.  They are more than just friends – they are sisters.

They are also JUST PLAIN FUN.  We laugh (a lot), we cry (sometimes).  We often stray off topic – but that’s my call (or fault – depends on your point of view) as the “ring-leader”.  And, did I mention that they are also gorgeous?  Here, take a look:

Me, Sarah, Chrissy, Melissa, Sarah, Nicole, Christy, Kelly

Most of the crew: Me, Sarah, Chrissy, Melissa, Sarah, Nicole, Christy, Kelly


DSW is our group nickname – which has several meanings, depending on our mood.

Desperate Single Women (desperate for more of HIM)

Desirable Single Women

Desperately Seeking the Word

Devine Sassy Wildthings

Dozen Saucy Women


The possibilities are endless.  I am so thankful for the blessing they are in my life.  We pretty much came together by random circumstances.  I only knew 3 of the dozen women prior to January/February.  And computer/email glitches threw most of the rest of us together in a small-group search database.  Although, between you, me and Jesus:  I KNOW that this was not random!


Who do you have in your life as a support?   Does anyone else have a regular get together with a group of women or a sport/hobby club?  If so, what does it mean to you?

Happy Monday!



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6 responses to “The DSW’s

  1. so glad u have a great group of lady friends…and i love the DSW name. i thought at first it was bc u all shop for shoes when u get together…which seems fun too!

    thx for stopping by my blog!

  2. justjuli

    Oh – there’s shoe shopping involved sometimes, too!

    We’ve been talking about a field trip to “research” our nickname. You know, just to make sure that “the shoe fits”.

  3. My husband and I have the most amazing small group that I swear are more like family than anything! I honestly don’t know how people survive without such a support system!

    P.S. Love the blog!

  4. Isn’t wonderful to have girlfriends?! I love that you guys named yours!!! We just have the group that we do “girls night out” which doesn’t mean we go out, out… it can be out to someone’s house, bbq-ing etc. Embrace your girlfriends!!

  5. So cool 🙂 I never had like a core group of girlfriends but I always wanted to. I always wound up having a really good guy friend. They usually wound up being gay. Oh well. Excellent shopping companions.

  6. What a blessing! You can never have too many women friends. Especially when they are able to help you be the person God intended you to be. You look like you are family. Honest! I’m envious as I have recently moved and not yet found that niche with a bunch of new gal friends. I know God has a plan and all will be revealed soon. Thank you for sharing.

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