School Shopping

My mom & I took my niece school shopping last night. It was our last girls night before my parents drove Kira back down to my sister in NC. I really am going to miss the punk.

We pretty much just hit up The Children’s Place for our mix & match looks. Is it just me, or does anyone else out there get jealous of all the great, funky outfits that we get to put together for kids? I only wish that these came in grown up sizes too.

Like this combo:

I can totally see myself running around town on a sunny fall day sporting this number.

Or this:

Sundays? Casual work days? Hanging with the girls?

And we can’t forget this:

Hello: matching purse and shoes? Don’t forget that purple knit hat above could add a little sparkle to this. Of course, maybe it has enough sparkle already?

I think we walked out of there about $176 later with 3 pants, skirt, jumper, tights, socks, sweater, several shirts, leggings, headband, and two pairs of shoes.

Makes me wish I had a place to go and get a whole new wardrobe for that amount. Heck – I’d even pay a whole lot more! You did see the matching shoes and purse, right??



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8 responses to “School Shopping

  1. I agree…I love the ease of getting a whole outfit and it being cute for my girls all in one place. and, for what it’s worth, i’m not sure that anyone over 6 should do the legging thing. 🙂

  2. The Children’s Place rocks!! We had one in our local mall when I was growing up, but it didn’t have the outfits and accessories like this!! So very cute and you got a ton of stuff for $176!

  3. Those are all way cute outfits and yes I do wish they came in adult sizes!

  4. Gotta love The Children’s Place. I shopped there all the time until my 2 older ones no longer fit in their sizes. I also worked there, part-time, during a holiday season and always loved seeing the new styles coming in.

  5. I never wore stylish clothes like that when I was a kid. Well, I guess if you consider that fluorescent clothing and leg warmers were stylish back then, I did. Those seem much better to me. I would absolutely wear them now…except in bigger sizes. Much bigger.

  6. justjuli

    @ Allison – Yes! Neon socks, tanks, headbands & jelly bracelets were all the rage when I was a kid.
    So unfortunate….

    @mommaof4: Leggings can only be pulled off by a select few. As for me – they are strictly for running in cool weather or being loungy on my PMS days. I do think they look cute on the 9th grade girls I do life with – they wear them under skirts.

    @ Kelly – I vaguely remember seeing The Children’s place growing up, but not until I moved to MI and was “too old” for their looks. Again, unfortunate 😉

    @Aubrey – Way to work the employee discount!

  7. I love that last one, though the bag’s not for me.

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