She’s on my team

The other night before we went shopping for school clothes, my niece and I spent some quality time together, just the two of us. After hitting the playground and finishing dinner – we just hung out and talked.

Kira decided that she wanted to do my hair – she had some great ideas on how to style it. I was willing to give her a second chance, even though her previous attempt looked something like this:

Picture this in a brunette look.  Only slightly more tangled and with less colorful accessories.

Picture this in a brunette look. Only slightly more tangled and with less colorful accessories.

Plus, I LOVE having someone play with my hair. Ever since I was a kid – I can still recall the tingly feeling all over my scalp while someone brushed or styled my hair. In college there was this really mean, rude girl in my sorority. But I have at least one fond memory of her just playing with my hair while we were sitting in a long meeting. So I tried not to speak badly of her – she must have had other redeeming qualities, right?

Okay – sorry about the tangent there…. I get a little ramble-y when it comes to some things. 🙂

So – back to Day two of my niece’s attempt at hair styling. This time she’s just going for a good brush-out. No fancy twisty/braidy/pony-tail things all over the place. After she finished the back of my head, she walked around in front of me. Pausing for a minute, she put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m on your team, okay? We’ll use teamwork!”. As she started brushing again, I replied: “Thanks, what does our team do?”

She stepped back and looked at me, “Well, we are going to get a boy for you. Because you’re not married yet, right?”.

“Um, no, not since I last checked.”

Returning to brushing my hair in front of my face, Cousin It style, she continued, “Okay then, I’m on your team.” She brushed my (growing out) bangs in my face and then put the brush down. Using her hands she created a small part in the middle of them, so I could kind of see. She was thoroughly concentrating on creating the perfect “style”. With furrowed brow and a serious voice she finished, “Trust me, THIS will do the job”.

Okay, Mr Right. You better watch out – because here I come. And I have the right team to get the job done!


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One response to “She’s on my team

  1. How can you NOT win with her on your team…all eligible men better WATCH out!!

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