Pain has a name.   And that name is Bart.

I recently joined a new gym – which I love.   It’s just over a mile from my house,  on my way to/from work, and even when it’s “busy” there are still plenty of machines open.

Part of the sign up package included some free personal training sessions.  Last Saturday I had my first one – which included a fitness assessment.  That’s where Bart comes in.  After filling out the prerequisite paperwork, Bart wasted no time jumping into the workout.  The words for the day were: Legs & Abs

*note to self: don’t do elliptical + a 1-hr yoga class before your first personal training session.  It’s just really not a great idea, ok?

We jumped, we hopped on & off the stair stepper, we kicked and punched.  We did lunges and used the hack press to do squats.  We did more stair-hopping.  We did full squat-to-air jumps.  Then came the swiss & medicine ball work for the abs.  We had lots of fun with those as well.

(BTW: “We”  = “me”)

After 30 minutes and approx 500 calories later, we were done and ready to talk about what our next moves were.  The only next moves I could think of were into the sauna, into the shower, into my car and back into bed. Bart thought that 20 minutes of cardio and a second appointment were a better idea.

I have goals I want to reach, and I’m not going to get there by taking it “easy” on myself. 🙂  Trust me, I’ve already tried that plan!  So, I set my next session appointment for this last Tuesday and hobbled home.  I took my shower.  I took my nap.  And then I went to the Tigers game with a girlfriend and slowly made my way up the stadium stairs like an achy octogenarian.

By Monday I was feeling better.  And by Tuesday I was ready for session #2.

Only this time, it was with Carl.  Sorry, Bart, I’m just not ready to forgive you just yet.



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5 responses to “Recovering…

  1. Oh I feel your pain. I’ve been working at it for a few months now. 15 lbs later I was delighted to fit in a size 8 skirt this morning and not feel like some sort of processed meat product. Keep at it, and eat a good breakfast, I hear that makes all the difference 🙂

  2. Only 500 calories burned…sounds more like 5000 with all the stuff he made you do on your first time out….what was he thinking?! Glad you have the use of your muscles again!

  3. Thank you for the well wishes.
    I bet you had a hard time sitting down on the commode. That is always the worst for me. How in the world did you climb the stadium stairs (that was an extra workout!)

  4. Bart is brutal! I’m tired just reading about your workout!!

  5. And how was Carl???
    Remember, no pain, no gain. I hate that saying!

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