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Pain has a name.   And that name is Bart.

I recently joined a new gym – which I love.   It’s just over a mile from my house,  on my way to/from work, and even when it’s “busy” there are still plenty of machines open.

Part of the sign up package included some free personal training sessions.  Last Saturday I had my first one – which included a fitness assessment.  That’s where Bart comes in.  After filling out the prerequisite paperwork, Bart wasted no time jumping into the workout.  The words for the day were: Legs & Abs

*note to self: don’t do elliptical + a 1-hr yoga class before your first personal training session.  It’s just really not a great idea, ok?

We jumped, we hopped on & off the stair stepper, we kicked and punched.  We did lunges and used the hack press to do squats.  We did more stair-hopping.  We did full squat-to-air jumps.  Then came the swiss & medicine ball work for the abs.  We had lots of fun with those as well.

(BTW: “We”  = “me”)

After 30 minutes and approx 500 calories later, we were done and ready to talk about what our next moves were.  The only next moves I could think of were into the sauna, into the shower, into my car and back into bed. Bart thought that 20 minutes of cardio and a second appointment were a better idea.

I have goals I want to reach, and I’m not going to get there by taking it “easy” on myself. 🙂  Trust me, I’ve already tried that plan!  So, I set my next session appointment for this last Tuesday and hobbled home.  I took my shower.  I took my nap.  And then I went to the Tigers game with a girlfriend and slowly made my way up the stadium stairs like an achy octogenarian.

By Monday I was feeling better.  And by Tuesday I was ready for session #2.

Only this time, it was with Carl.  Sorry, Bart, I’m just not ready to forgive you just yet.



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