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T.G.I.H (Thank Goodness It’s Halloween!)

Its time for the Great Pumpkin!

It's time for the Great Pumpkin!

Oh, yeah – and it’s also Friday. 🙂

I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.   What a long, crazy week it’s been!   To recap briefly:

1.) Sudden re-appearance of the job opportunity that I didn’t get hired for previously.

2.) Pressure by multiple parties to reapply

3.) Series of long, challenging interviews.  (Which weren’t so bad, really)

4.) Stress of finding out that if I got this job I would immediately be packing up and heading to New Jersey for three weeks.

5.) Waking up each morning this week (except for today) feeling sick to my stomach, and actually getting ill twice.

6.) And finally, today – finding out that my coworker beat me out for the job.


Phew!  I’m actually relieved.  First off – I had some stiff competition.  Neither of us felt like we had an idea of which way it would go.  I couldn’t ask for a better person to be up against!  Secondly – she wanted it more than I did.  And that’s the truth. 

I didn’t share much here about what was going on in my chaotic brain regarding this opportunity.  Mostly because I was using my blog as an escape from the crazy talk in my mind!  Let’s just say that there were pros and cons about this particular territory.  Up until yesterday I wasn’t sure if I’d even accept the position if it was offered to me. 

So, like the last time I posted about this job: Phew!  I’m glad it’s over. 

Plus I walked away with a better grasp of not only the interview process, but where I feel my next steps are in my career.  This latest position was thisclose to being what I wanted – but my heart wasn’t really into it.  I am ready to hold out for the role where I can really SHINE.


And as an added bonus: today is one of my favorite days of the year.  I can splurge on ridiculous amounts of chocolate and candy.  Yee-haw!  Especially Snickers and Bottle Caps.  yum!  Oh how I love thee, elusive Bottle Cap!



In honor of this great holiday, I’m taking my first poll.  What’s your favorite Halloween treat???  Let me know!


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Running on fumes.

I have to confess about a problem I have.  I just can’t seem to get my sorry butt into bed at a decent hour.

Only twice since I’ve been back on this side of the globe have I been in bed by midnight.   Even then, only barely  (11:30pm the last two nights).  It is definitely beginning to wear on me!  I can totally relate to this picture from

must..... have..... caffeine!

must..... have..... caffeine!

This last week has been especially hectic.  I have a lot of people to catch up with and projects to pick back up again now that I am home. 

Oh – and there’s the little matter of my being asked to re-apply for the promotion I was denied a while back.   Which I found out about on Monday.   I survived a crash course of three interviews on Tuesday – and felt pretty okay about them, too.  Then the next bomb was dropped:  If I end up getting this job – I have to leave for three weeks of training.  Starting this coming Monday.

So, um, yeah.  Stress?  I has it. 

I’m not even done unpacking from my Kenya trip.  Now I have to get my life organized and prepare to leave again?  Of course, it’s only if I get the job this time.  Which I won’t find out until…… Friday morning.

I completed my last interview today with the sales director and now a coworker (who is my “competition”) and I just sit back and wait for 24 hrs.

I think this whole process is a test to see how flexible I can be, and how I handle myself under a lot of pressure. 🙂  The answer to that question is: A lot of chocolate. And carbs.  And really corny knock-knock jokes.


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Number 100. Where do I start?

So.  Here I am on my 100th post.  And I’m at a loss for words.

***Note:  I was at such a loss for words that there was a 4 day pause here…..

Let me start by thanking you for just stopping by and checking this site out.  I still feel like a rookie at this blogging thing, and have a lot to learn.  This started out as a creative outlet for me – a way to express all those words and thoughts that are continuously running through my brain.  The writing has been slow and arduous recently, as my life has been going at a fast and furious pace.

I know that a lot of bloggers do a “100 facts” list for their 100th post.  But I kind of got a head start on that a while ago….  (see link to that page above)  I think I will be resuming that thread shortly once I get some other things off my mind. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with getting ready for Kenya, traveling there, and – now – processing all that I saw and experienced while I was in that beautiful country.   There is such an amazing dichotomy that exists where I traveled.  The Pokot people have so little in terms of possessions and access to health care, education and resources.  But they inhabit some of the most beautiful land that God created.  Deep valleys, rocky, green mountains, and stars so bright and numerous that you feel like you can reach out and grab a few.  Every sunrise, sunset and vista took my breath away.

So did the people.  My heart connects so strongly with the beautiful Pokot.  Their faces tell so many stories, and I can’t get over how lovely their ebony skin, dark eyes and petit features are.  Our dorm was next to a primary school and we had a chance to spend time with some local school children each morning and after we returned from our clinics.

Here’s a video of us singing along with one of their songs:

ps: at the end of this video there’s a brief glimpse of me in my brown sweatshirt.

I also got to see these kids one day at a clinic.  Don’t you just want to give that adorable boy in the middle a big hug??? And pinch and kiss those cheeks??

We had so much fun with these kids! The one in the middle kept pointing to his image on the screen saying, Na Nee! Na Nee! (Thats me!)

We had so much fun with these kids! The one in the middle kept pointing to his image on the screen saying, "Na Nee! Na Nee!" (That's me!)

So – that’s all I have the brain power to talk about today.  I spent almost 4 hours in interviews today and need to give my mind a rest.  More to follow on that update later.  Tonight I am all talked out, friends!


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I feel like I’m almost a little rusty at posting on this site – it’s been a few weeks since I’ve drafted a new post of any length!

I am still recovering from my travels -and trying to adjust back to Eastern Standard Time and western culture.  🙂

This trip was AMAZING! Not only was I able to spend time with the amazing Pokot people, but I was blessed to work with a wonderful team from the US.

19 Americans were on this trip.  2 of them were from Harvesters International and they led the team.  Ed Hirschman and Jonathan Lancaster are two amazing, funny, loving, talented, leaders.  More importantly: they are men of God.  Plus they are just a riot to be around.  We laughed so much every day.

I promise to work on some more detailed stories from the trip shortly.  For now the bare bones are:

We saw over 3,200 patients.

Besides dispensing meds, we also did a lot of wound care for some people.  Some minor – and some more severe.  One patient was sent to a hospital a few hours away.

Clinics were held at 12 locations in a very remote area of West Pokot.

I fell into an african toilet.

But, like I said – more details to follow shortly!

I will leave you with a few pics.

The view:

Imagine seeing this every day!

Imagine seeing this every day!

And some of the women we saw:

They called themselves the Savage Womens Club!

They called themselves the Savage Women's Club!

And a typical scene in the Pharmacy/Wound Care area:

I'm way in the background behind the Pokot mother. Proof that I actually was working sometimes! ha!


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Kenya – Days 14 & 15

We will be taking close to two days to travel back home to the states.  This is partly due to the huge time difference between the two countries.

Pray for rest, reflection and changed hearts.  Pray that we will be able to adjust back to our home culture, without losing all of the changes God has brought about in us over the last two weeks.  Pray for our hearts – for it is hard to leave the Pokot, knowing that there is always more to be done there.

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Kenya – Day 13

Lucky number 13!  Today we will be travelling in-country headed back to Nairobi.  A few team members will travel separately and will be visiting the Masai Mara National Game Preserve.   They will get to visit my old friends:

Just waking up from a nap...

Just waking up from a nap...

For those of us who opted out of the safari, we will be headed into the city to spend a day there.  One of our team members works for Google and we are hoping to visit their Nairobi office while we are there.  Pray for safe travels for both groups as we drive on the poorly maintained and narrow roads.

Pray for: Our drivers and our in-country team members.  For safe travels.

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extra prayers, please…

We have a few sick team members here – most of us have had a few sick days over the trip (I had a very sore throat for two days).
Right now Kim and Jonathan are very ill. Please keep them in your prayers – Some of us are back in Nairobi now, while 1/2 of the team is out in Masai Mara for a one day safari.
We haven’t had running water, hot showers, or a toilet seat in almost two weeks, so our hotel here is a real luxury!!!

We saw over 3,000 patients during the course of our clinics – but I’ll have more details on that later.



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