Countdown, day 3(ish)

Okay – so when did October sneak up on me?  I can’t believe it’s the last quarter of the year.  Yikes!  On a positive note – it means that it’s only a few short weeks until my next quarterly bonus.  Yay.

I only have a few days before I leave for Kenya.  I am not panicking (anymore).  I am more excited, and just ready to get there.

Of course, I still have a lot to do before I go – especially at work.  So, to keep things easy for me – I’m just going to follow Kelly’s remedy for writer’s block and do a meme. 🙂  But since I don’t have any kids of my own, I’m going to use one I found over at Stretch Marks.  (which, by the way – you should be reading!)

Seven Things I want to do before I die:

1.) Get married and have a family. 

2.) Visit Ireland, Mediterranean Italy, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

3.) Hike all of the Appalachian Trail (50 miles down, 2,500 more to go!)

4.) Learn to salsa dance

5.) Get my master’s degree, and maybe my PhD.

6.) Run a marathon

7.) See my high school freshman girls graduate and become amazing, Godly women.


Seven Things I Can Do:

1.) Break a board (or two) with my hands and feet.

2.) Manage a very busy & chaotic schedule

3.) Laugh at myself (I get a LOT of practice on this one!)

4.) Come out of my shy, introverted shell and play the part of an extrovert when needed. (Necessary when you are helping to make new people welcome at a singles ministry event.)

5.) See the best in people.  I can usually find something nice to say about real jerks. 🙂

6.) Understand (and enjoy!) sports. Especially football, basketball, and baseball.

7.) Bench press 80 pounds.  This is a new one that my awesome trainer Karl helped me with!


Seven Things I Cannot Do:

1.) Say “No” to people.  I’m better than I used to be, but still have a ways to go. (see item #2, above!)

2.) Deal with drama queens.  I like my life simple. 

3.) Keep from taking things too personally.  I can be a bit sensitive.

4.) Tolerate ignorant or hateful people.  I just can’t wrap my head around that mindset.

5.) Cook meat or chicken.  I just wouldn’t trust myself to do it right….

6.) Take two steps at a time when going up stairs without having to concentrate really, really hard.

7.) Go to a movie theater and not get popcorn.  (except on a few, rare occasions.)  See this post for details.


Seven Things I Say Most Often:

1.) Crap!

2.) Dude!

3.) Sheesh-ka-bob.

4.) for the love!

5.) Sales, this is Julianne  (I get a lot of client calls!)

6.) Love you!

7.) seriously?


Seven Celebrity Crushes:

1.) Harry Connick Jr

2.) Kevin James

3.) Matthew McConnaughay

4.) Jimmy Fallon

5.) Michael C Hall

6.) Joaquin Phoenix

7.) Will Smith



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2 responses to “Countdown, day 3(ish)

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  2. Wep

    I totally can’t say no either, and I say DUDE all the time.

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