extra prayers, please…

We have a few sick team members here – most of us have had a few sick days over the trip (I had a very sore throat for two days).
Right now Kim and Jonathan are very ill. Please keep them in your prayers – Some of us are back in Nairobi now, while 1/2 of the team is out in Masai Mara for a one day safari.
We haven’t had running water, hot showers, or a toilet seat in almost two weeks, so our hotel here is a real luxury!!!

We saw over 3,000 patients during the course of our clinics – but I’ll have more details on that later.




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2 responses to “extra prayers, please…

  1. I’m praying fro you and your entire team

  2. 3000 patients?! You really were doing great work over there!
    I hope you all got to feeling better. That has to be terrible feeling that way, away from the comforts of home.

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