I feel like I’m almost a little rusty at posting on this site – it’s been a few weeks since I’ve drafted a new post of any length!

I am still recovering from my travels -and trying to adjust back to Eastern Standard Time and western culture.  🙂

This trip was AMAZING! Not only was I able to spend time with the amazing Pokot people, but I was blessed to work with a wonderful team from the US.

19 Americans were on this trip.  2 of them were from Harvesters International and they led the team.  Ed Hirschman and Jonathan Lancaster are two amazing, funny, loving, talented, leaders.  More importantly: they are men of God.  Plus they are just a riot to be around.  We laughed so much every day.

I promise to work on some more detailed stories from the trip shortly.  For now the bare bones are:

We saw over 3,200 patients.

Besides dispensing meds, we also did a lot of wound care for some people.  Some minor – and some more severe.  One patient was sent to a hospital a few hours away.

Clinics were held at 12 locations in a very remote area of West Pokot.

I fell into an african toilet.

But, like I said – more details to follow shortly!

I will leave you with a few pics.

The view:

Imagine seeing this every day!

Imagine seeing this every day!

And some of the women we saw:

They called themselves the Savage Womens Club!

They called themselves the Savage Women's Club!

And a typical scene in the Pharmacy/Wound Care area:

I'm way in the background behind the Pokot mother. Proof that I actually was working sometimes! ha!



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3 responses to “Jet-lagged

  1. Kim

    Don’t lie about working, you know that picture was staged.

    I wish we had a pic of the Canadian Tuxedo!

  2. Wow, you all were able to accomplish A LOT!!! Congratulations!

    The pictures are gorgeous…love the “savage women’s club’s” clothes – so colorful!

    Can’t wait to hear the story about falling into the African toilet!

  3. Rionokal L Mathew

    congratulation!! you did a great job be part of that community

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