Number 100. Where do I start?

So.  Here I am on my 100th post.  And I’m at a loss for words.

***Note:  I was at such a loss for words that there was a 4 day pause here…..

Let me start by thanking you for just stopping by and checking this site out.  I still feel like a rookie at this blogging thing, and have a lot to learn.  This started out as a creative outlet for me – a way to express all those words and thoughts that are continuously running through my brain.  The writing has been slow and arduous recently, as my life has been going at a fast and furious pace.

I know that a lot of bloggers do a “100 facts” list for their 100th post.  But I kind of got a head start on that a while ago….  (see link to that page above)  I think I will be resuming that thread shortly once I get some other things off my mind. 🙂

Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with getting ready for Kenya, traveling there, and – now – processing all that I saw and experienced while I was in that beautiful country.   There is such an amazing dichotomy that exists where I traveled.  The Pokot people have so little in terms of possessions and access to health care, education and resources.  But they inhabit some of the most beautiful land that God created.  Deep valleys, rocky, green mountains, and stars so bright and numerous that you feel like you can reach out and grab a few.  Every sunrise, sunset and vista took my breath away.

So did the people.  My heart connects so strongly with the beautiful Pokot.  Their faces tell so many stories, and I can’t get over how lovely their ebony skin, dark eyes and petit features are.  Our dorm was next to a primary school and we had a chance to spend time with some local school children each morning and after we returned from our clinics.

Here’s a video of us singing along with one of their songs:

ps: at the end of this video there’s a brief glimpse of me in my brown sweatshirt.

I also got to see these kids one day at a clinic.  Don’t you just want to give that adorable boy in the middle a big hug??? And pinch and kiss those cheeks??

We had so much fun with these kids! The one in the middle kept pointing to his image on the screen saying, Na Nee! Na Nee! (Thats me!)

We had so much fun with these kids! The one in the middle kept pointing to his image on the screen saying, "Na Nee! Na Nee!" (That's me!)

So – that’s all I have the brain power to talk about today.  I spent almost 4 hours in interviews today and need to give my mind a rest.  More to follow on that update later.  Tonight I am all talked out, friends!



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4 responses to “Number 100. Where do I start?

  1. I saw you! I saw you!

    Such an incredible experience (and this is the 2nd time you were able to partake in it!!!)

    All these children are gorgeous; it would have been difficult to resist smuggling them back!!

    Happy 100th!!

  2. Oh wow–I didn’t realize you were back!! I’m going to have to go back through some posts–I’m excited to read about your trip!

    That is an adorable pics–what beautiful children.

    Will be back to read more tomorrow–must go to bed now!

  3. Sorry! I’m here late but I’m here! LOL
    Congrats on making it to 100.

    That video was amazing. Just amazing!

  4. What an amazing adventure! It’s got to be life changing. How many times have you gone?

    And congrats on your 100 posts! (Thanks for submitting a post again)

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