Running on fumes.

I have to confess about a problem I have.  I just can’t seem to get my sorry butt into bed at a decent hour.

Only twice since I’ve been back on this side of the globe have I been in bed by midnight.   Even then, only barely  (11:30pm the last two nights).  It is definitely beginning to wear on me!  I can totally relate to this picture from

must..... have..... caffeine!

must..... have..... caffeine!

This last week has been especially hectic.  I have a lot of people to catch up with and projects to pick back up again now that I am home. 

Oh – and there’s the little matter of my being asked to re-apply for the promotion I was denied a while back.   Which I found out about on Monday.   I survived a crash course of three interviews on Tuesday – and felt pretty okay about them, too.  Then the next bomb was dropped:  If I end up getting this job – I have to leave for three weeks of training.  Starting this coming Monday.

So, um, yeah.  Stress?  I has it. 

I’m not even done unpacking from my Kenya trip.  Now I have to get my life organized and prepare to leave again?  Of course, it’s only if I get the job this time.  Which I won’t find out until…… Friday morning.

I completed my last interview today with the sales director and now a coworker (who is my “competition”) and I just sit back and wait for 24 hrs.

I think this whole process is a test to see how flexible I can be, and how I handle myself under a lot of pressure. 🙂  The answer to that question is: A lot of chocolate. And carbs.  And really corny knock-knock jokes.



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2 responses to “Running on fumes.

  1. Ah man! Sounds pretty stressful!

    Now I have knots in my stomach (because I’m sure you don’t have enough of your own) waiting to hear if you got the promo or not!!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed….for what? more sleep? promotion? no promotion? no traveling?…I’ve got it, whatever your heart desires 🙂

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