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It just seems silly that there’s only one day each year where we focus on all that we have to be thankful for.  When, really, with all that we have

Some of the things that I am thankful for:

My awesome dad and mom.  At the beach this summer with my church

My awesome dad and mom. At the beach this summer with my church

My parents.  (there’s a story behind this photo – I’ll share it soon!)



My sister – she’s the coolest chick I know.  She lives far away now and I miss her something terrible!  She also has a great fiance,  but he’s camera-shy….

nap time!!

nap time!!

My cat, Puppy.  He’s a snuggler. 🙂

She also takes great self portraits!

She also takes great self portraits!

Most of all, my niece.  Who is the best thing that ever happened to our family.  Besides me. 😉

Of course, rounding out the list are: friends, my job, my health.  Each day is a gift – and I am learning to embrace gratitude daily.

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday, and continue to keep an attitude of thankfulness beyond today.


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McDonald’s Myrrh Milkshakes

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and to enjoy a McDonald’s Egg Nog milkshake.  I rarely go to McD’s – but I love the Shamrock shake and the Egg Nog one too.   However, I’m not a big fan of the new “Triple Thick” recipe.  I like mine “Single Thick” thank you very much.  I just have to work too hard to get the new one into my mouth. 


Let’s get something straight, here:  I ain’t drinking these things for the excersise.  If you know me – my mouth gets enough excersising with all of the talking and wild facial gestures I make each day.  Sometimes I just want to relax and enjoy some egg nog goodness.  And, oh boy, is it good!

I had an online fun conversation with my facebook friends yesterday on the subject. Here’s what went down with E’s status update yesterday afternoon:

EP: E thinks Jesus must be proud of egg nog ice cream being associated with his birth.

SL: Wasn’t Jesus born in the summer? Eggnog ice cream makes all kinds of sense.

Me: I like to think that Jesus is a big fan of ice cream, personally.

EP: that’s what I’m saying… I’d be proud to have eggnog ice cream associated with my birth.  If there was a fourth wise man, I’m sure he would have brought some.  I’m kind of assuming a lot here, though.

Me: The only reason they didn’t bring it was because they didnt’ have a cooler.  So they substituted with myrrh.

SL: Or maybe myrrh is just a fancy pants bible word for ice cream.  I don’t know you, julianne, but i appreciate your theology.


The moral here is Triple-Thick, Single-Thick or what-have-you… I hope you have a chance to enjoy one of the simple pleasures of the holiday season. 🙂


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Dear Malibu

Dear Malibu,

I know these last few years have been a little rough on you.  I want to apologize right now for the lack of care and time I’ve invested into you.  I have not been holding up my end of the bargain most days.

I mean, I’ve been there when it comes to the big stuff – the trips to the “ER” and such.  But there have been a lot of missed opportunities for me to show you small kindnesses.  To brighten your day.  Like issues of personal hygiene:  I know you can’t take care of that stuff yourself, and I could be doing a LOT more to help you in that area.

What I’m saying is, can’t we just get along?  I’ll make more of an effort on my end, if you’ll just meet me halfway. 🙂

For example:

I could give you a good vacuuming, and you could maybe start a little easier on these cold winter mornings.

I could unload some of the junk from your trunk and you could maybe get your heater to work a little better?

If I emptied out a lot of the unneccessary items from the back seat, could you make that annoying “tick-tick-tick” clicking sound stop?


My friend, the possibilities are endless.  We’ve been together for for eight years, and 150K miles.  There have been peaks (you are totally paid off!) and valleys (numerous trips to the shop – where they know me by name now).  But I’m not ready to give up on us.   Not after so many good times.

Remember when we first met in that lot?  You were the most beautiful thing I had seen.  :0)  My first real automobile, all in my name.  Shiny & new! Remember that road trip to the east coast?  How about all those visits to Virginia beach?  Heading up to beautiful northern Michigan – I know: better in the summer and fall; a little rougher in winter storms. 

And let’s put a few things behind us.  I’m willing to forgive you for the time your fuel pump went out on my way to work. In February.  When it was -3 degrees and I had to wait on the side of the road for almost 2 hours with no heat.

Can you find it in your heart to  forgive me for putting you through that unfortunate incident with the dog – who was chronically getting ill in your backseat…. out of both ends?   Trust me when I tell you that hurt me more than it hurt you.

We have a good thing going.  Let’s keep it that way.




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Quite an offer!

A few weeks ago, I went to the Michigan State – Wisconsin game in East Lansing.  I shared a little about the game, but not about the fine offer I received on my way out of town.

As Patrick, Jessica and I were leaving, I asked if we could stop at the McDonalds just before the highway – because I sometimes have the bladder capacity of a chipmunk.  And because there is NOWHERE to conveniently use a bathroom on campus during game-days.  Everything is shut down.  (And really – who can blame the buildings for wanting to keep out all the drunks??)

So, we pull into the McD’s and I get out.  I go in, do my thing, and head back out to my waiting friends.  As I’m walking toward Patrick’s gray car I notice that a large Suburban truck has all of the windows completely down.  I thought it was odd and continued to stare as I walked.  I then noticed a huge labrador sitting in the back seat – which must have been their “security system” 🙂

I kept looking at the dog as I reached out for the passenger handle.  Oddly, it was locked.  I pulled again and then peered in to see why they had locked me out.

Um – so it wasn’t even the right car.  Apparently the dog was that distracting that I didn’t even realize I was a few cars down the row!

Laughing at myself, I headed over to the (right) car and was still chuckling as I opened the door and started to tell my friends what a ditz I was.  But all they did was gasp and stare at me.  I guess in my state of giggles I didn’t even notice that I had opened the car door into the car next to us.  Ugh. Strike 2.

Better yet – the driver was still in his car.  And it was a Cadillac.  Oh, boy.

I had gotten out of the car and was looking for any damage.  I couldn’t find any, except for a small mark where our door wiped some dirt off of his.  Meanwhile the driver of the other car has stepped out and is walking around to check it out.  And, Lordy mercy  – was he cute!

At this point, my embarrassment level was nearing peak levels.  And I must have been eight shades of red.  Yikes.  I apologized and we both agreed that everything looked fine.  What happened next pretty much made my day:

He commented, “Doesn’t look like there’s any damage.  But I’m not sure.  If there’s a scratch – then you probably need to make out with me.”

Oh, I anticipate it alright!

Oh, I anticipate it alright!

To which I joked: “Ok.  Sounds great!  Call you later, alright?”  (making the hand sign for phone).

I got back in my car and my friends just laughed at me for a few minutes.

I probably should have gotten his number, though.  Just in case. 😉

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Woo-Hoo! Wednesday

While I’m enjoying a boost of positive thinking, I’m gonna share my recent success with you

I look just like this.  Except whiter.  And girlier.  And sweatier.

I look just like this. Except whiter. And girlier. And sweatier.

I just ran 5.38 miles.

Oh, yes I did.

And I did this after spending some time on the weights, working on my back.  Although, a LOT more gently than my previous time with Karl.

(Hi Karl!  I still love you!  Be gentle with me tomorrow.. kthxbai)

I was in training for a 10K race on Thanksgiving morning, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do it now.  At this point, I could handle the distance.  But my pride often gets the best of me.

You see, I used to be a real runner.  I used to do 70+ miles a week and ran cross country at the state level.  Even a few years ago I would do 6-8 miles most days before work, and maybe a few miles after I got home from the office.  I entered a lot of 3-6 mile races and if I didn’t win, I would at least finish in the top 3.  And now?  Um, not so much.  I’m just reluctant to run in a race where not only am I not going to place, but will probably struggle to finish well.  Pride can be a real buzz-kill sometimes.

So, I’m trying an experiment where I focus on my little victories where I am. right. now.

Like 5.38 miles.

And a 5K in the middle of that in under 30 minutes.  Hey, it’s a start, right?



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Back in the swing…

Last week I shared a little about my struggles at work here.

And while things aren’t perfect, (after all, it is work!), they’ve certainly improved.  I feel like I’ve gotten back into my groove for the most part.  I have some new projects to work on, and some definite goals.

I still get side-tracked by “fires” that need to be put out.  And I still get overwhelmed by the amount of work that lands on my to-do list.  But at least I’m more cheerful about the situation.  But, man!  It was a rough couple of days.

I also want to thank all of you who sent kind words and advice my way – either via comment or email.  It really helped knowing that people were reaching through the internets to show some kindness.  I wasn’t sure if anyone (besides me and my coworkers) who would give a rip.

I just hope this positive swing in the right direction lasts for some time!


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If you’re gonna fail…

Fail BIG.  That’s how I roll.

So, I went off the NaBloPoMo wagon this year.  And only halfway through.  I realized at 11pm on Saturday when I was out with friends that I hadn’t yet posted that day.  I tried to do one from my phone, but couldn’t get the interface to work quite right.

And I knew I wouldn’t make it home in time to do a real one.

So – I knew I was going to fail.  And, in that spirit, I also took Sunday off.  (In my defense, I spent most of Sunday with a horrific headache that made looking at anything painful)

I almost didn’t even want to do today.  How sad is that?  I’m letting some self-imposed expectation defeat me?

Nuts to that!  I’m just gonna pick myself up and give it another try.  I have to look at what I’ve accomplished and not focus on what I didn’t.  Right?

So, while I was not posting, here’s what I did these last few days.

I read this:

I actually believed this was a true story for a while.  Its not.  But its still a dang good read.

I actually believed this was a true story for a while. It's not. But it's still a dang good read.

I had a great breakfast with some friends on a cold rainy morning.  What better way to spend a Saturday morning??

I watched this:

In case you werent sure if this movie will break your heart or not.... It will

This is a true story - sadly. And in case you weren't sure if this movie will break your heart or not.... It will.

And I was emotionally wrecked for a while.  It is actually still haunting me in many ways.  I think I cried 4 times during the movie, and once the day after.  It’s that good.  I had to wait for the perfect time to watch it.  And a cold, dreary, Saturday afternoon wrapped in a cozy hoodie, with warm soup = perfect!

(I also watched some college football)

I went out to watch this guy play at a fancy-schmancy restaurant where I had a marvelous chocolate martini:

He doesnt have a CD out yet in mass production.  But check out his myspace music page.

He doesn't have a CD out yet in mass production. But check out his myspace music page.

Click on his image above to get to his myspace page.  Also check out one of his music videos here:

I spent too much time on this:

and I hung out with some amazing 9th grade girls.  I’m always honored that they choose to share their lives with me.  I’ve been with some of these girls since 6th grade and I love watching them grow into amazing young women.

I hope to be fully back on the wagon again now.   And I’m ready to give this another go!

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