Nov 1st – NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo 08

NaBloPoMo 08

I think last week’s chaos may have actually pushed me over the edge.   I was reading Derfwad Manor today and saw her post about National Blog Posting Month – aka NaBloPoMo

sidenote: if you are not reading Derfwad Manor, what are you waiting for?  Mrs G always has something good cooking at her place!

Apparently I am crazy enough to attempt to post every day this month!  I have seen other bloggers over the years do this – and I really enjoyed following along with their (often failed) attempts.

So here I am – showing up for my own failure attempt!

I am even so ambitious that I FINALLY learned how to correctly do buttons and badges on my sidebar.  Go Me!


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One response to “Nov 1st – NaBloPoMo

  1. I was looking for #7; is there a #7? Did I miss it? Good on you for trying to come up with 100! Yikes!
    And to blog every day? No way!

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