Day 2

Wow!  What a game yesterday!

I was invited to join my friends Patrick & Jessica at the Michigan State-Wisconsin game.  It was my first MSU game of the year.

And for a while I was worried that I had somehow brought bad luck to the team….  It didn’t look good for us.  We were down by 11 points.  Somehow my Spartans pulled to within 2 points towards the end of the 4th.  A last minute field goal put us up 25-24 with 7 seconds left.

In the words of the Spartan Football announcer:  It’s a BEAUTIFUL day for football!

Spartan Stadium

Spartan Stadium

Beyond the game, it was great to be back in my college town.  Especially on a warm fall day.  With all the fans wearing their spartan green, and the students hanging out on the lawns.  The smell of tailgate grilling and autumn leaves.

And a slice of my favorite pizza – Georgio’s baked potato pizza with sour cream on top.  mmmmmmm….

I’m curious:  Do any of you love college football too?  Especially when you can enjoy it live??!



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4 responses to “Day 2

  1. I love college football (Go Gators)! This was definitely a side effect of my marriage…my college was too small to have football. In fact, our college homecoming came was a soccer game!
    I would pay slight attention to games on t.v., but then after my husband took me to my first live game….I was hooked!
    It looks like you had perfect football weather and best of all your team won!
    The baked potato pizza sounds interesting!

  2. justjuli

    How did I know you would respond to this??? 🙂
    I’ve seen pictures of your toenails painted in Gator colors!

    One of my close friends went to school there – so I root for the Gators when I can!

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