Today’s the day!

All the waiting, all the anticipation.  All the weighing of issues.  And now the day is finally here:

Eugene’s birthday!

Oh, yeah – and Election Day.

There are a LOT of issues out there to consider, to weigh carefully, and to leverage in making your decision on candidates and proposals.  The importance of different issues differs not just between individual people, but also counties and states.  Here in Michigan we are in a serious economic crunch.  Unemployment is high, stocks are down.  And there is a general feeling of despair in the air a lot of the time.

So, what issues are important to you?

The Economy?


The war?




to see some Point/Counter point on this issue, click here, here, and here for one person’s view on this.

How about Healthcare?

I know that out here in Blog-land there are a lot of diverse opinions and politics.  Whatever side of the fence you are on, I want to encourage you to get out and VOTE today!  Democracy only works when the people participate and let their voice be heard.

Let’s get some practice in for the big event:

What is the most important issue to you?

Now, I’m off to celebrate a good friend’s birthday!



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2 responses to “Today’s the day!

  1. Great post!
    Happy birthday, Eugene!!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Eugene!

    I’ll just say that I am very happy today.

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