Friday Foto Fiesta!

Each week, Candid Carrie hosts an event – Phriday Photo Phiesta!

This is my first time playing along – I thought I’d give it a try as part of NaBloPoMo.

This is one of my new favorite pictures.

My peeps in Kenya - I miss spending so much time with them!

My peeps in Kenya - I miss spending so much time with them!

This is Kim, Brad, Jonathan & I in Nairobi last month, on the last day of our trip.  Kim, Brad & I live near each other in MI – and have become good friends through our shared Kenya experience.  Jonathan is our team leader, and lives just outside of Hilton Head, NC.  He is on staff at Harvesters International part time – an great ministry.  All three are amazing people and truly were a bright spot in an already-very-bright mission.  This is my fabulous foursome in Kenya.  We had so much fun, and laughed until we had tears.  Until we ran out of breath.  Until our abs hurt.

We can be goofy around each other.  And real.  We can also talk about bodily functions in a way that I can’t do with ANYONE else.  There’s just something about traveling to a remote location, away from everyone else that builds bonds.

But here’s the thing – even if I was at home, in my comfort zone, surrounded by my normal life:  I would still choose to hang out with these dorks.  Because they accept me as my dorky self.

Have a great Friday, and an even better weekend.  Don’t forget to stop by Candid Carrie’s blog to see who else is playing along!



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7 responses to “Friday Foto Fiesta!

  1. These dorks…that’s so funny. LOL

    Come by for my fiesta foto and Caption This contest where 275 entrecard credits are up for grabs.

  2. I like the story that goes with the photo.

  3. I’m glad you’re playing along w/ Carrie today! That looks like a great group of friends!!

  4. That sounds like a fantastic time with friends!
    Happy FFF!

  5. . . . “We had so much fun, and laughed until we had tears. Until we ran out of breath. Until our abs hurt.”

    Isn’t it absolutely amazing when you have adult friends that bring out the little kid in you? These are the friends that you just need to keep touching when you are with them, too. Like you can’t get close enough to them because you know soon you will be apart again.

    Thanks so much for participating today. I am glad we got to meet you and your friends 😉

  6. Yay for your first Fx4! I love the picture. It’s such a blessing to have good friends like this!

  7. Good Friends are the best!

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