Sacrificing the gift

The VP of my company sent us an email today challenging us to finish the year strong.  He punctuated his challenge with the following quote from one of my heroes – Steve Prefontaine:

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

One really motivated, driven man.

One really motivated, driven man.

Boy, have I been sacrificing lately!  I feel like I’ve been sleepwalking through the last few weeks.  My schedule has been too full (surprise, surprise!).  And I’ve been distracted both at work and with friends and family.

I’m not sure what is the exact cause of this lack of focus.  Most likely there are several.  I’m suffering most at work.  I am struggling with a slight attitude problem there.  I don’t think it’s overt and noticeable to others (yet) but I’m definitely feeling it on the inside.  There’s just no…. drive.  Ever since I was passed over for promotion again – I have felt a minor apathy.

It’s gotten better in the last day or so.  I was able to accomplish a lot today and and started hacking away at my to-do list.  I was even able to lay some ground work for future projects.  But it still feels like an uphill battle.

So my question to you is:  What do you do to dig yourself out of the dumps at work?

Any tips and/or suggestions are appreciated!



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5 responses to “Sacrificing the gift

  1. Oh, I wish I had some great advice for you! All I know is that everyone goes through this from time to time–I’m sure you’ll get your groove back soon!

  2. Hmm, that’s a hard one. When I did work outside the home I didn’t have the best attitude and didn’t work much to correct it. Now that I’m a SAHM I know I better correct my attitude or I’m in for a terrible life. I usually pray and ask that my attitude be changed.

    It’s hard though because you don’t feel the loyalty and appreciation from the people you work for. Maybe make a determination that every time you think a negative thought to come up with a positive one…

    Thanks for submitting your post again to BPOTW!

  3. I wonder if listing everything you like about your job, and then listing everything you don’t like about your job would help or not. Then try focusing on what you like? Sometimes when I get in the dumps at work it’s solely myself and who I am co-miserating with. Try to be upbeat for an entire week, both mentally and outwardly, and maybe work will be what you’re used to? Good luck!

  4. I think we have to decide what exactly we are going to give our best to. We obviously can’t give it to everything!

    Found you at BPOTW

  5. When I’m in a funk I first check to see if it is full moon again – that in itself more often than not affects my perception. Negativity breeds negativity, so I try to focus on the positives – even if I’ve been let down or hurt again. I also pray and tell Jesus all my troubles holding nothing back. Often I have found that He is using those troubles to teach me life lessons I might not learn any other way. Then I thank Him. I also make sure I get enough sleep and lately I’ve been saying a lot, “This too shall pass.”

    Don’t know if that helps.

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