Something’s missing…

And that something would be my camera.  😦

Forever in our hearts - and online photo storage.

Forever in our hearts - and online photo storage.

Actually, it’s not missing.  It’s broken.  Which is not as bad, I guess.  At least I was able to pull out the SD card and upload all of my photos on to my computer.

I blame my lack of practice in relay baton-passing.  Kind of like the US 400 meter teams.  There was a bad hand-off while driving in Kenya and my poor camera suffered fatal injuries in the fall.  RIP polaroid.  You will be missed.

It’s been more of a struggle than I thought it would be – and that’s mostly due to the blogging.  I have all these stories in my head and they just don’t seem to work right without the photos.  I mean, without photos that I have taken.  That make sense to me.  That are part of the story.  You know?

I’ve been suffering from blog-envy lately because of this.  I see the progress of Jennifer’s pink hair.  Aubrey’s child napping, Wep’s weekend hikes.  And don’t even get me started on Melanie’s gorgeous shots of her kids and her cooking.

And what do I have?

Random shots that I can find on Photobucket.  Or old photos that I have taken. Or my phone?  All viable options to be sure.  But sub-par, really.

So I think I’ll take the opportunity in the upcoming weeks to dig into the archives and tell some great stories that I never got around to earlier.  I hope not to bore you too much!

And I’ll be doing my research later to pick out a new camera.  I can at least enjoy an excuse to upgrade!

Any suggestions for a good, basic camera with some good zoom options, maybe even upgradable?  For under a couple hundred dollars?



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2 responses to “Something’s missing…

  1. Oh I’m sorry about your camera! Mine has been in the shop a couple of times and I swear I went through withdrawal! I think a lot of the small digital cameras on the market right now are really good–I got my son one for about $100 and it takes great pics and video too–I think it’s a Cannon. Good luck in your camera quest and thanks for the linkage!!

  2. Sara

    Do share your camera research! Mine is for sure lost… and maybe broken? I hope someone is getting good use out of it!

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