Woo-Hoo! Wednesday

While I’m enjoying a boost of positive thinking, I’m gonna share my recent success with you

I look just like this.  Except whiter.  And girlier.  And sweatier.

I look just like this. Except whiter. And girlier. And sweatier.

I just ran 5.38 miles.

Oh, yes I did.

And I did this after spending some time on the weights, working on my back.  Although, a LOT more gently than my previous time with Karl.

(Hi Karl!  I still love you!  Be gentle with me tomorrow.. kthxbai)

I was in training for a 10K race on Thanksgiving morning, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do it now.  At this point, I could handle the distance.  But my pride often gets the best of me.

You see, I used to be a real runner.  I used to do 70+ miles a week and ran cross country at the state level.  Even a few years ago I would do 6-8 miles most days before work, and maybe a few miles after I got home from the office.  I entered a lot of 3-6 mile races and if I didn’t win, I would at least finish in the top 3.  And now?  Um, not so much.  I’m just reluctant to run in a race where not only am I not going to place, but will probably struggle to finish well.  Pride can be a real buzz-kill sometimes.

So, I’m trying an experiment where I focus on my little victories where I am. right. now.

Like 5.38 miles.

And a 5K in the middle of that in under 30 minutes.  Hey, it’s a start, right?




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2 responses to “Woo-Hoo! Wednesday

  1. Way to go! That’s about 5.37 more miles than I could do. LOL

    My sister just informed me that she and my 8 yo nephew are going to do a 5k together. How fun is that?!

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