Quite an offer!

A few weeks ago, I went to the Michigan State – Wisconsin game in East Lansing.  I shared a little about the game, but not about the fine offer I received on my way out of town.

As Patrick, Jessica and I were leaving, I asked if we could stop at the McDonalds just before the highway – because I sometimes have the bladder capacity of a chipmunk.  And because there is NOWHERE to conveniently use a bathroom on campus during game-days.  Everything is shut down.  (And really – who can blame the buildings for wanting to keep out all the drunks??)

So, we pull into the McD’s and I get out.  I go in, do my thing, and head back out to my waiting friends.  As I’m walking toward Patrick’s gray car I notice that a large Suburban truck has all of the windows completely down.  I thought it was odd and continued to stare as I walked.  I then noticed a huge labrador sitting in the back seat – which must have been their “security system” 🙂

I kept looking at the dog as I reached out for the passenger handle.  Oddly, it was locked.  I pulled again and then peered in to see why they had locked me out.

Um – so it wasn’t even the right car.  Apparently the dog was that distracting that I didn’t even realize I was a few cars down the row!

Laughing at myself, I headed over to the (right) car and was still chuckling as I opened the door and started to tell my friends what a ditz I was.  But all they did was gasp and stare at me.  I guess in my state of giggles I didn’t even notice that I had opened the car door into the car next to us.  Ugh. Strike 2.

Better yet – the driver was still in his car.  And it was a Cadillac.  Oh, boy.

I had gotten out of the car and was looking for any damage.  I couldn’t find any, except for a small mark where our door wiped some dirt off of his.  Meanwhile the driver of the other car has stepped out and is walking around to check it out.  And, Lordy mercy  – was he cute!

At this point, my embarrassment level was nearing peak levels.  And I must have been eight shades of red.  Yikes.  I apologized and we both agreed that everything looked fine.  What happened next pretty much made my day:

He commented, “Doesn’t look like there’s any damage.  But I’m not sure.  If there’s a scratch – then you probably need to make out with me.”

Oh, I anticipate it alright!

Oh, I anticipate it alright!

To which I joked: “Ok.  Sounds great!  Call you later, alright?”  (making the hand sign for phone).

I got back in my car and my friends just laughed at me for a few minutes.

I probably should have gotten his number, though.  Just in case. 😉


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  1. Oooh! I got all giddy just reading this. LOL I bet you all had a good laugh! Fun times.

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