Dear Malibu

Dear Malibu,

I know these last few years have been a little rough on you.  I want to apologize right now for the lack of care and time I’ve invested into you.  I have not been holding up my end of the bargain most days.

I mean, I’ve been there when it comes to the big stuff – the trips to the “ER” and such.  But there have been a lot of missed opportunities for me to show you small kindnesses.  To brighten your day.  Like issues of personal hygiene:  I know you can’t take care of that stuff yourself, and I could be doing a LOT more to help you in that area.

What I’m saying is, can’t we just get along?  I’ll make more of an effort on my end, if you’ll just meet me halfway. 🙂

For example:

I could give you a good vacuuming, and you could maybe start a little easier on these cold winter mornings.

I could unload some of the junk from your trunk and you could maybe get your heater to work a little better?

If I emptied out a lot of the unneccessary items from the back seat, could you make that annoying “tick-tick-tick” clicking sound stop?


My friend, the possibilities are endless.  We’ve been together for for eight years, and 150K miles.  There have been peaks (you are totally paid off!) and valleys (numerous trips to the shop – where they know me by name now).  But I’m not ready to give up on us.   Not after so many good times.

Remember when we first met in that lot?  You were the most beautiful thing I had seen.  :0)  My first real automobile, all in my name.  Shiny & new! Remember that road trip to the east coast?  How about all those visits to Virginia beach?  Heading up to beautiful northern Michigan – I know: better in the summer and fall; a little rougher in winter storms. 

And let’s put a few things behind us.  I’m willing to forgive you for the time your fuel pump went out on my way to work. In February.  When it was -3 degrees and I had to wait on the side of the road for almost 2 hours with no heat.

Can you find it in your heart to  forgive me for putting you through that unfortunate incident with the dog – who was chronically getting ill in your backseat…. out of both ends?   Trust me when I tell you that hurt me more than it hurt you.

We have a good thing going.  Let’s keep it that way.





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8 responses to “Dear Malibu

  1. 🙂 here from SITS… this is cute!!
    hope y’all patch things up. cheers!!

  2. Hi Here from SITS – this is too cute – my Galant could use this too! TGIF

  3. I had a car like that for years. I loved it. This was fun and entertaining. I am new to all this. I love it. Hope you two can fix your relationship;) LOL

  4. I would love to visit Maui! Great letter!

  5. Great letter. At first I thought your were talking about the town LOL. Yeah, I’m not so bright sometimes.

  6. Very funny, and this reminds me that my poor car would probably enjoy a bath and vaccuum. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

  7. I hope you and Malibu have made up!!

  8. Im ready to break up with the mini, hes waaaaa to high maintenance and drinks the good stuff. I just cant keep up.
    coastal nEst

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