McDonald’s Myrrh Milkshakes

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and to enjoy a McDonald’s Egg Nog milkshake.  I rarely go to McD’s – but I love the Shamrock shake and the Egg Nog one too.   However, I’m not a big fan of the new “Triple Thick” recipe.  I like mine “Single Thick” thank you very much.  I just have to work too hard to get the new one into my mouth. 


Let’s get something straight, here:  I ain’t drinking these things for the excersise.  If you know me – my mouth gets enough excersising with all of the talking and wild facial gestures I make each day.  Sometimes I just want to relax and enjoy some egg nog goodness.  And, oh boy, is it good!

I had an online fun conversation with my facebook friends yesterday on the subject. Here’s what went down with E’s status update yesterday afternoon:

EP: E thinks Jesus must be proud of egg nog ice cream being associated with his birth.

SL: Wasn’t Jesus born in the summer? Eggnog ice cream makes all kinds of sense.

Me: I like to think that Jesus is a big fan of ice cream, personally.

EP: that’s what I’m saying… I’d be proud to have eggnog ice cream associated with my birth.  If there was a fourth wise man, I’m sure he would have brought some.  I’m kind of assuming a lot here, though.

Me: The only reason they didn’t bring it was because they didnt’ have a cooler.  So they substituted with myrrh.

SL: Or maybe myrrh is just a fancy pants bible word for ice cream.  I don’t know you, julianne, but i appreciate your theology.


The moral here is Triple-Thick, Single-Thick or what-have-you… I hope you have a chance to enjoy one of the simple pleasures of the holiday season. 🙂



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2 responses to “McDonald’s Myrrh Milkshakes

  1. I’m coming over from SITS to say Hello! I love milkshakes, but I’m not crazy about Egg nog, so I don’t think I would like those!

  2. I love the eggnog shakes but I think I love the Shamrock ones more! I once got a detention in high school for drinkng a Shamrock shake in the hall…

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