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Happy New Year

Here’s to surviving 2009.

Here’s to Thriving in 2010.

In the coming year may you enjoy laughter with good friends, times of quiet rest, moments of sublime joy and a few exciting adventures.



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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

I’ve had a pretty good string of luck this year.  Yup, 2009 has been all right!

First, I won this spectacular sweater in the first annual Stupid Cupid Valentine’s Day party & white elephant gift exchange.

I'm too sexy for this blog

I know you are SO jealous..

Then I went to the local farmer’s market near my new home on opening weekend, and I won the Harvest Basket.  This meant that the following weekend, I could swing by and each vendor would donate something.  I came away with fresh rhubarb, eggs, a caramel apple, 2 tomato plants, and some flowers.  Yum.

And just last week, I entered the weekly giveaway on The Womens Colony.  (Seriously, if you’re not reading this blog/webzine you are missing out.)  I almost didn’t even bother to read the post with this week’s contest, and last week’s winner because I figured that I didn’t win.  But, hey, there’s always this week’s colonist to check out, right?  I was completely shocked when I saw my name listed as the winner of these sweet coffee cozies:

I won all three of these! Plus a 4th, holiday-themed one!

Really – I can’t wait to get my hands on them (literally)!  I also can’t wait to give some away as gifts for a few coffee-addicted friends.  The tree-hugger in me completely agrees with Ashley (the creative mind – and hands – behind these gems) when she says:

Instead of using a boring & wasteful cardboard sleeve at your local coffee shop, brighten your cup with a unique cozy!

Please go check out her Etsy shop to see all of the styles she has on there – and pick one (or three!) out for yourself at One In The Hand.  Thank you, Ashley!

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