I Just May….

…. Start getting serious about this blogging thing again.

I can’t share too many details, but there have been issues with harassment and stalking that I have been dealing with for almost a year and a half.  I’m still working with local police to fully get control of the situation, but I think that my blog is a safe haven (for now).

So I’m going to take a chance and try to start posting again – with the challenge of attempting the May Nablopomo theme: Look Up

Couldn’t think of a better theme for today.  It was a near-perfect Saturday:

  • I slept in (kind of), since the foster dogs I’m watching let me take a nap after their 6:30am potty break.
  • The (very) early morning sky was Gorgeous!  Salmony-pinky-blue sky, and so warm.
  • There was a great thunderstorm this morning.  Is there anything better than half-sleeping to the sound of rain??
  • Got to spend the afternoon at a Detroit Tigers game with two of my favorite guys!  Jonathan was in town from S.  Carolina, and it was great to catch up with him 1.) after a 1.5yr break, and 2.) in N. America
  • Cold beers with Brad & Jonathan behind the bullpen.  *sigh*
  • Wore a tank top today, soaking up some great sunshine.
  • Tigers won it – bottom of the 9th.
  • Went to the casino afterwards, and won $50 on the nickel slots!
  • Good sushi for dinner with Brad.
  • Grape slush from Sonic.
  • Home now, listening to the soft falling rain outside.

If this is what this month is going to be like – Bring. It. On.

Spirit Fingers!

Happy May


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