I need a Sonic intervention

At what point does a habit become an addiction?

I have this, um, friend.  We’ll call her Judi.  And she just discovered Sonic’s slushes for the first time.

Having heard of them for quite some time (The Pioneer Woman is a fan), Judi’s friend convinced her to swing by the new Sonic in town on the way home from the baseball game on Saturday night.   It’s less than 2 miles from his place, and not out of the way.  It was there that she got her first grape slush, and it was all that she had hoped for.

She dropped her friend off and headed home, savoring the grapey goodness slowly so as not to get brain freeze.  However, when she walked in the door of her house, one of the cats was overzealous in his greeting and her precious slush was dropped.  The bottom blew out of the cup, and all the delicious grapeness was sprayed all over the back hall.  The horror!

Judi, being an optimist, wasn’t going to let this ruin her day.  Half a slush is better than no slush at all, right?  The next day she was headed back down to her friends place again, to meet up with a group to watch the Red Wings play.   This was the perfect opportunity to swing by Sonic and get a brand new replacement grape slush.  Yum.  She was the envy of all at the party. (Well, Mark at least)

Today, Judi’s three-day neck cramp needed some TLC.  Why not head to Brad’s place to use the pool/hottub?  Oh, and while there, why not pick up another slush to refresh herself?  (Actually, that part was Brad’s idea, but she got on board with it right quick).  Today, just to mix it up, Judi got Cranberry.  It was good.  But it was no grape.

That Judi.  She’s a wild one!

Now, Judi finds herself wanting to explore the whole gamut of icy beverages at Sonic: Creamslushes, Other Slush flavors, Limeades….. So many possibilities!

Before Judi heads down that way again tonight, should she be wary of this innocent habit becoming a stronger addiction?  At what point is a Sonic intervention called for?

Please help me her!



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2 responses to “I need a Sonic intervention

  1. (she just better not find out about the Sonic happy hour – oops!)


  2. Deb

    The answer is never- Happy Hour sonic is my weakness- I go in for the sweet peach tea!

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