My favorite guests shed a lot

About a month after I left the work force, cabin fever struck hard.  It was cold and gray, and I was left without my social network for most of the day.

A woman in my small group helps coordinate foster homes for an animal rescue organization, Paws For Life.  She mentioned that she had two puppies that needed to find a foster home quickly.  I don’t think I even waited 5 seconds before I jumped on it.

“Bring them here!  I have the time”.  And so began my journey as a foster mom to 7 doggies thus far.   I picked up the 2 cutest puppies in the world on Friday afternoon.

Can't believe I got them to sit still for a photo!

On Sunday, their two sisters joined them, as the foster home they went to couldn’t handle the level of attention that 4.5week old puppies demand.   It was a LOT of work – for 3 weeks straight I felt like all I did was clean up poop.  My laundry room became a biohazard waste area.

But, oh, the cuteness!

Laney, Grace and Chance

Rudy - at 4.5 weeks

Rudy at 10 weeks, having a sleepover with his brother Clancy.

I fell in love with these guys, and am so happy that they all found good homes.

I took a few days break after the last puppy was gone (to disinfect my laundry room!  and to give the cats a break).  Then I welcomed a much larger visitor to the home:

Casper the Friendly..... dog!

This is Casper.  A 110lb American bulldog.  It’s hard to tell from this angle, but he came up to my waist, and his head must have weighed 20 pounds.  He had an intimidating look, but you couldn’t ask for a friendlier dog.  I loved the different kind of interaction that you could have with a grown dog vs. a puppy.  Casper found a great home as well, and I know he & his new owners are super happy!

Currently, I have a smaller, elderly dog couple hanging out at my place.  Meet Spike and Sarah.

BFF's (Best Furry Friends)

Spike is a 9yr old mix between a Jack Russell and a Corgi.  Sarah is 11yrs old and is maybe a Schipperke.  Because they are older, and need to be adopted as a pair, they will probably be in the foster system longer than the others were.  Unfortunately, due to my current back problems, I have to pass them on to a new foster home this weekend.  They are a lot of fun, and very affectionate, but I simply can’t bend down to pet them or feed them without a great deal of pain.

I love this little tooth she has sticking out on the bottom!

I encourage you to check out Paws for Life, or to find the next furry addition to your home.  Better yet, find a rescue agency in your area to foster for.  You’ll be doing a world of good for a lot of deserving animals.


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