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Piece #6

6.) Growing up, I wanted to be a marine biologist.

whaleI love the ocean. Coming from the East Coast – I spent many summer days at the beach. I always loved watching whales, and seeing the lobster traps that people collected. (Of course – I didn’t then realize that those were the animals we boiled alive and ate…..but more on that later).

But moving to a land locked state makes it a little hard (read: expensive out-of-state tuition) to pursue that education. Here in Michigan we have limnology – freshwater studies. Interesting? Yes. For me? No

ed. note: And another thing I love – this great site I found for bloggers called:The Secret Is In The Sauce.

the name alone is worth two thumbs up!


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piece #5

5. I am a popcorn addict. 

I could eat a bag a day – and never get tired of it.  I asked for a new popcorn popper for Christmas last year because I had just plain worn my old one out.  My mom didn’t realize that they still made popcorn poppers – what with the invention of the microwave and all.


But I like to mix things up, and create my own recipes – which you can’t really do with the store-bought microwave bags.  Sometimes it’s just salt and butter.  Sometimes parmesan.  How about creole seasoning? Chili & paprika?  kettle corn?  Yum. yum. yum.  All of it – yum.


When I watch movies at a friends house, I’ll usually bring 1-2 bags of popcorn to make.  Even if he/she already has some there.  Because, I could eat a bag of it just myself.  And I feel it would be rude of me to be a popcorn hog without contributing some way.


Also – just to be clear – I do love me some microwave corn too.  Especially at work.  Or when I just don’t have the energy to really clean up my popper.  I probably should be afraid of the dreaded “Popcorn Lung”.  But there are bigger things to worry about in life.   Namely: Crouton Lung.


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100 pieces – parts 1-4

I saw this on another blog and thought it was an interesting way to work on personalizing this site a little more.  She had a page where she was working on listing 100 little factoids about herself.

I’ll be creating a page to keep an archived list of these – but thought I’d throw a few out here as a post to get the ball rolling.

1.) I was born and part-raised in Avon, Massachusettes.  We moved to MI when I was 9.

2.) I have one younger sister, and one niece.  My parents are still happily married – so I count myself blessed to come from a great, stabile family.

3.) My parents both come from 7 child families – so I have a TON of aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd/3rd cousins, people who I grew up thinking were cousins – but really are just good friends of the family. 

4.) I Love big families! I tend to subconciously be attracted to guys from big families.  Most of my serious boyfriends have had 5-8 siblings. (and I usually date the youngest child….)

Okay – enough for now.  Stay tuned for more.

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