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I can almost look up…

… After an emergency visit to the chiropractor today, plus a second adjustment this evening.  ugh.  This was my first visit to the chiropractor in almost 2 decades.

I have been so tightly locked up with my right shoulder to my right ear – and my head turned to look over my right shoulder.  It started out as a kink in my neck on Saturday, and has progressively gotten worse each morning since.   Today I spent half the day nearly in tears.

I was able to get into the doctor’s office this afternoon – maybe partly because my dad was their first patient, and has been loyal to the practice for going on 25 years.  I went there a few times as well in my early teens – but it’s been a looooong time since then!   Since it has been so long, I was expecting Dr Buller to be on the elderly range of the age spectrum.  Ooops!  It’s funny how the young mind sees anyone over 25 as “old”.  I was shocked to find that the doctor is a few years younger than my dad.

I had between 0 and 5 degrees of motion in many areas.  No duh.  And the x-rays showed a lot of serious misalignments – so much that I could even see them without the doctor pointing them out.   I went through my first adjustment and was sent home to ice the area a few times before I came back in at the end of the day.  The difference was almost immediate.   And was even better after the second one.

– I also had my church group pray for me tonight and saw a noticeable relaxation in my neck/shoulder muscles after that as well.  I want to give props not only to the excellent chiropractic care of Dr. Jeffrey Buller, but also to the healing power of Jesus.  Not everyone believes in that, but I do.

I still can’t tilt my head forward much to look down.  But maybe that’s a good thing.  I should be looking up more often anyways!

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Joy Ride

Last night I took my dad to the Tigers game.  My girlfriend, and co-season-ticket-holder, had to work and couldn’t attend.  It was a good opportunity for some father-daughter bonding. We’ve been able to hang out only a few times this year when it was just the two of us.

So all afternoon I was looking forward to catching the game with him.  Then it started raining. Hard.  Highway traffic on the way home from work was slowed due to the heavy downpour.  I called dad and we decided to wait an hour or so and see what it was like then.  The rain stopped and we made the call to get down to the stadium.  As he was on his way to my place to pick me up, I started to wonder what car he would be coming in.

You see, my dad works for GM and he gets to drive fleet cars.  He gets a new one every 6-8 weeks or so.  He usually has trucks, or sedans, and the occasional SUV.  But not this summer.  This year he hit the lottery and has been tooling around in a brand new Corvette convertible since late June.  That’s right:  all summer in a brand new burnt-orange sports car.

It was this color, but had the black soft top.  Sexy, yes?

It was this color, but had the black soft top. Sexy, yes?

I knew he was due to return it soon, but I was *SO* hoping that it would show up in my driveway in a few minutes.  And it did. 🙂 But, friends, that’s not the best part.

The best part was when my dad got out and asked if I wanted to drive it down to the city.  Me.  Driving. A. Corvette.  The answer, of course, was YES!  Let me tell you, that beast has the sexiest sound when you start it up, and when you accelerate.  A true, deep-tiger-purring Vroom!

Of course I was a little paranoid about getting a ticket, or getting into an accident, so I was extra-careful on the way down.  But that didn’t stop me from enjoying every minute of it.  On both the drive down, and the drive home.  yee-ha!

Oh yeah, and the Tigers beat the Angels too.  A pretty good night in my books if you ask me!


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Pain has a name.   And that name is Bart.

I recently joined a new gym – which I love.   It’s just over a mile from my house,  on my way to/from work, and even when it’s “busy” there are still plenty of machines open.

Part of the sign up package included some free personal training sessions.  Last Saturday I had my first one – which included a fitness assessment.  That’s where Bart comes in.  After filling out the prerequisite paperwork, Bart wasted no time jumping into the workout.  The words for the day were: Legs & Abs

*note to self: don’t do elliptical + a 1-hr yoga class before your first personal training session.  It’s just really not a great idea, ok?

We jumped, we hopped on & off the stair stepper, we kicked and punched.  We did lunges and used the hack press to do squats.  We did more stair-hopping.  We did full squat-to-air jumps.  Then came the swiss & medicine ball work for the abs.  We had lots of fun with those as well.

(BTW: “We”  = “me”)

After 30 minutes and approx 500 calories later, we were done and ready to talk about what our next moves were.  The only next moves I could think of were into the sauna, into the shower, into my car and back into bed. Bart thought that 20 minutes of cardio and a second appointment were a better idea.

I have goals I want to reach, and I’m not going to get there by taking it “easy” on myself. 🙂  Trust me, I’ve already tried that plan!  So, I set my next session appointment for this last Tuesday and hobbled home.  I took my shower.  I took my nap.  And then I went to the Tigers game with a girlfriend and slowly made my way up the stadium stairs like an achy octogenarian.

By Monday I was feeling better.  And by Tuesday I was ready for session #2.

Only this time, it was with Carl.  Sorry, Bart, I’m just not ready to forgive you just yet.


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For Kelly on her birthday

Dear Kel,

You are my oldest and best friend.  The first of all my Kelly’s 🙂  We went from checking out bugs, to drinking gross concoctions on dares, stealing textbooks (albeit discarded ones), to pre-teenhood.  Then came training bras, and boys, and o-my-gah – periods.  And high school. And boyfriends. and broken hearts.

After all this time I’m glad we chose not to be roommates in college.  It would have likely ruined our friendship.  I was in a very different place than you at the time, and I may have felt too constrained.  (Although a little more constraining might have done me some good!)  You saw me go from conscientious student, to college slacker.  Saw me through lost innocence, lost faith, lost sense of self, sense of worth.  You kept true to your own path, setting your sights on things beyond my vision.  Focusing on your goals,  and your calling.  Keeping your own circle of friends.  But you never let me out of your sight completely.

You never gave up.  You continued to encourage me, love me, plant seeds of faith and hope in my heart.  Even though I pushed them (and you) away.  Even though I asked you to kindly keep your Jesus to yourself, thankyouverymuch.  It took a few years (ha!) but your seeds found roots and are finally flourishing into a garden of my own.  And now he’s my Jesus too.  (and Kira’s, & Erin’s)  Who knows where your influence will end?  I know I’m not the only set of ripples you’ve sent out over the waters.

You let me know that you thought the world of me, and that I had value to add to this crazy world.  Even if it’s just my amazing Cranium skills!

You have always amazed me.  You are a bright and shining star in a gray world.  You are brilliant, talented, a hard worker.  A caring, insightful doctor.  A beautiful woman.  Funny friend.  Enthusiastic laugher.  I want to be just like you when I grow up. 🙂

Here’s to us on our 22nd birthday together.  May we have 100 more.  I love you more than words could express.



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Guess who’s coming to dinner?


Which is pretty exciting since she’s a muse and inspiration for me.

I used to have plenty of creative outlets and would write and journal all the time.  Lately I’ve been too busy “doing” life to relax and reflect on it.  As a catalyst for change, I finally took the first step by creating my own page.  As Richard Dreyfuss said “Baby Steps”

Alright – so I got off of the subject for a moment there.  Bossy is on a road trip, and her pit stop in Detroit is tomorrow.  About 8-10 bloggers from the greater Detroit area are hosting her tomorrow night and I am so nervous that I’m sweating profusely EXCITED.

First there’s the anxiety: will I like these people?  More importantly: will they like me?  How many embarrassing things will I say?  Will they like my salad?  What do I wear?  And O-sweet-lord: please don’t let me fart in front of strangers accidentally. or on purpose for that matter…

One reassuring fact about tomorrow’s dinner: we are all strangers.  None of us have met each other (I don’t think) and I’m not sure any of us have met bossy either.

Wish me luck!  More to come later.

ps: yes, that would be my very first link above. :o)

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