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an ode to technical difficulties

Dear internet, why

won’t you work for more than just

thirty seconds? ugh…..

Tomorrow we hope to return with your regularly scheduled blog.

(edited to add:  the above haiku took me 45 freakin’ minutes to post…)

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Wednesday night haiku

Dinner with girlfriends
Wasabi, sushi, ginger.
Laughter, talking. Yum.

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Sunday Haiku

Lazy summer day

Napping, reading, hiking too

and a cold Slurpee

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cool, salty breezes

stir the dune grasses to sway

and dance in sunlight

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Feeling like vacation….

Lazy summer days,

time spent doing nothing that’s

productive. Relax!

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Grrrrl power

I am not a plan

B. Or a consolation

prize. I am worth more.


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a kick in the face

Surprise call from his

fiancee. Didn’t know she

existed. What the????



Don’t think I have anything more to say on this right now.  Kind of still in shock.  Could use a lot of prayers, please.

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