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The Evil Empire is going down

Now, even though I reside in America’s left hand now, and am a big BIG fan of the Detroit Tigers….
In my heart I always will be first and foremost a Boston Red Sox girl. Born and raised in South Boston, I am a lifetime citizen of Red Sox Nation.
Tonight, though, I get the best of both worlds.
For my birthday, my friend Kimmy got tickets for her, Brad, her client, and myself to watch the Tigers take on the Yankees at Comerica Park. w00t w00t!
Somewhere in the stadium there will be a girl who is shouting extra loudly for the boys of Detroit to kick some serious butt.
Tonight, God willing, the Evil Empire is going down…

edited note:  That was disappointing.

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Red Wings Haiku

Detroit Red Wings win!

It’s about time. Seven goals

to San Jose’s one.

Photo credit to AP via Yahoo!sports

Johan Franzen set a franchise record with 6 points in a playoff game.  He had 4 goals and 2 assists tonight.

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Quite an offer!

A few weeks ago, I went to the Michigan State – Wisconsin game in East Lansing.  I shared a little about the game, but not about the fine offer I received on my way out of town.

As Patrick, Jessica and I were leaving, I asked if we could stop at the McDonalds just before the highway – because I sometimes have the bladder capacity of a chipmunk.  And because there is NOWHERE to conveniently use a bathroom on campus during game-days.  Everything is shut down.  (And really – who can blame the buildings for wanting to keep out all the drunks??)

So, we pull into the McD’s and I get out.  I go in, do my thing, and head back out to my waiting friends.  As I’m walking toward Patrick’s gray car I notice that a large Suburban truck has all of the windows completely down.  I thought it was odd and continued to stare as I walked.  I then noticed a huge labrador sitting in the back seat – which must have been their “security system” 🙂

I kept looking at the dog as I reached out for the passenger handle.  Oddly, it was locked.  I pulled again and then peered in to see why they had locked me out.

Um – so it wasn’t even the right car.  Apparently the dog was that distracting that I didn’t even realize I was a few cars down the row!

Laughing at myself, I headed over to the (right) car and was still chuckling as I opened the door and started to tell my friends what a ditz I was.  But all they did was gasp and stare at me.  I guess in my state of giggles I didn’t even notice that I had opened the car door into the car next to us.  Ugh. Strike 2.

Better yet – the driver was still in his car.  And it was a Cadillac.  Oh, boy.

I had gotten out of the car and was looking for any damage.  I couldn’t find any, except for a small mark where our door wiped some dirt off of his.  Meanwhile the driver of the other car has stepped out and is walking around to check it out.  And, Lordy mercy  – was he cute!

At this point, my embarrassment level was nearing peak levels.  And I must have been eight shades of red.  Yikes.  I apologized and we both agreed that everything looked fine.  What happened next pretty much made my day:

He commented, “Doesn’t look like there’s any damage.  But I’m not sure.  If there’s a scratch – then you probably need to make out with me.”

Oh, I anticipate it alright!

Oh, I anticipate it alright!

To which I joked: “Ok.  Sounds great!  Call you later, alright?”  (making the hand sign for phone).

I got back in my car and my friends just laughed at me for a few minutes.

I probably should have gotten his number, though.  Just in case. 😉

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Woo-Hoo! Wednesday

While I’m enjoying a boost of positive thinking, I’m gonna share my recent success with you

I look just like this.  Except whiter.  And girlier.  And sweatier.

I look just like this. Except whiter. And girlier. And sweatier.

I just ran 5.38 miles.

Oh, yes I did.

And I did this after spending some time on the weights, working on my back.  Although, a LOT more gently than my previous time with Karl.

(Hi Karl!  I still love you!  Be gentle with me tomorrow.. kthxbai)

I was in training for a 10K race on Thanksgiving morning, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do it now.  At this point, I could handle the distance.  But my pride often gets the best of me.

You see, I used to be a real runner.  I used to do 70+ miles a week and ran cross country at the state level.  Even a few years ago I would do 6-8 miles most days before work, and maybe a few miles after I got home from the office.  I entered a lot of 3-6 mile races and if I didn’t win, I would at least finish in the top 3.  And now?  Um, not so much.  I’m just reluctant to run in a race where not only am I not going to place, but will probably struggle to finish well.  Pride can be a real buzz-kill sometimes.

So, I’m trying an experiment where I focus on my little victories where I am. right. now.

Like 5.38 miles.

And a 5K in the middle of that in under 30 minutes.  Hey, it’s a start, right?



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Not-so-happy valley

It was a cold, gloomy day in Michigan today.  It made for a looooong day of Spartan football.

But at least we had a decisive win against Purdue to keep us happy!

Things were not the same in State College, PA.  Penn State is a close second for me in college football.  And I’ve been pulling for Joe Pa and his boys in their pursuit of a national championship this year.

This man is my favorite coach. Ever.

This man is my favorite coach. Ever.

I came home from East Lansing on a post-victory high, and was busy getting ready for a dinner party tonight when I got a text that would change my mood.  All my friend Brad wrote was: Turn on ABC.  Now.

And I did.

And…… ouch.   The Nittany Lions were down by 23-24 to Iowa.  With just one second left in overtime.

Just like that – it felt like the season was over.  And I could be focused on the fact that they made a great run  of it.  They only have one loss now.  But it just seemed to knock the wind out of me.   I could relate to all the sad faces in Beaver Stadium.

I left a sympathy voicemail for a friend who would be feeling the loss so much more strongly than I.


Sorry Papa Joe.  Sorry Nittany Lions.  Sorry to all the fans in Happy Valley.  (and a few in Lapeer County, MI).

But it’s still a season to be darn proud of!

And MSU had a great win! 🙂

**note: This was actually posted at 11:48pm on Saturday night, and not on Sunday.  So I DID (barely) meet the NaBloPoMo requirements!!.

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Baby got back… pain

Let me just start off by saying that I LIKE working out.  And I LIKE my personal trainer at the gym.

(let me also say that I’m a little afraid that he will kill me if I don’t say that Karl is the BEST personal trainer, ever!).

I kid, I kid.

But every once in a while he really REALLY kicks my butt.  Or, in this case, my upper back.  I went in on Tuesday after work to have one of my fun sessions with Karl.  I also had an appointment with him on Monday – but cancelled because I had stayed home sick from work.

(Note to self – never, never, never cancel on Karl last minute.  You will be making up for it!)

I’ve been having a lot of fun with him these last few months, and he’s great at finding creative ways to challenge me.  Tuesday’s challenge was: Back.

And it was challenging.

I immediately knew I was going to be in trouble.  I hit the treadmill after my session and couldn’t coordinate my arms to “pump” right during my run.  It was all I could do to complete just one mile.  After that, I gave up and let myself walk for a half mile.  (Remember – I WAS sick the day before and had only partially recovered my voice.  So cut me some slack!)  I had a 5K planned, but it was not meant to be – all because of my arms??

I woke up on Wednesday with the dreaded “T-Rex” arm syndrome.

My arms are about as useful as this guys.

My arms are about as useful as this guys.

I had these useless appendages at my sides.  I couldn’t lift my right arm even shoulder high.  I needed assistance throughout the day to lift and reach things at the office.

Here’s a more “medical” diagram of what I’m going through:

What is my Infraspinatus - and why does it hate me so?

This is the last time I cancel on Karl.

And I’ll stick to a safe area to work on, like my chest.

And I’ll be sure to have plenty of Motrin on hand.


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Day 2

Wow!  What a game yesterday!

I was invited to join my friends Patrick & Jessica at the Michigan State-Wisconsin game.  It was my first MSU game of the year.

And for a while I was worried that I had somehow brought bad luck to the team….  It didn’t look good for us.  We were down by 11 points.  Somehow my Spartans pulled to within 2 points towards the end of the 4th.  A last minute field goal put us up 25-24 with 7 seconds left.

In the words of the Spartan Football announcer:  It’s a BEAUTIFUL day for football!

Spartan Stadium

Spartan Stadium

Beyond the game, it was great to be back in my college town.  Especially on a warm fall day.  With all the fans wearing their spartan green, and the students hanging out on the lawns.  The smell of tailgate grilling and autumn leaves.

And a slice of my favorite pizza – Georgio’s baked potato pizza with sour cream on top.  mmmmmmm….

I’m curious:  Do any of you love college football too?  Especially when you can enjoy it live??!


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