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A grand entrance

I just want to give quick shout out to some of my friends who are busy serving the people of Rajamundry, India.

Especially Sarah.  This is her first big trip outside of the US and her first international mission trip as well.  But apparently, the girl knows how to make an entrance over there just as she does here.  I was looking at the team blog today and saw this photo.:

This is part of the welcoming ceremony at CEM.

This is part of the welcoming ceremony at CEM. Sarah's the babe in the front. 😉

She is one of my fabulous DSW ladies and will be missed for the next week.  I could tell you more about what they are doing on their visit, but I’ll let her tell the story better.  Please read this post to get a rookie’s perspective on the mission.

And keep checking out their blog over the next week – they have a lot going on at the CEM compound!

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The other day I shared about my upcoming trip to West Pokot, Kenya.  (Actually – we’re not sure if we’ll be in East or West Pokot, but we think it’s West this year.  Flexibility is key here!)

I also mentioned that it is less than 40 days away.  37 or 36 days as of today, depending on where you count from.  To start preparing myself for this trip I have decided to do a 40 day “fast”.  This is to get my heart, mind & body prepared for the types of sacrifices that will be asked of me daily while in country.

I decided to fast from something that is kind of a luxury.  And by “kind of”  I mean – daily necessity for me. 



Yes, friends, I’m talking about chocolate. 

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world.  Something that I enjoy regularly, and crave almost daily.  I needed to pick something that would actually be a real sacrifice for me and not just some lame attempt at fasting.

Monday night I hit the gym, then went to grab a hot fudge sundae for dinner with my girlfriend (and DSW) Chrissy.  I needed one last fix before my vacation from all things cocoa.  Great workout (killer!). Great dessert. Great company.  Monday was a good day. 🙂  The rest of the days have been a little tougher.  I have had to curb myself at least once a day.  But I’ve been good about it – avoiding temptation wherever possible.

Today, however, I slipped.  Ugh.  And only 4 days in – that’s only 10% of my time frame.  In my defense, it was a mistake.  I simply forgot!  A coworker brought in Dunkin Donuts munchkins this morning and I grabbed a regular glazed and chocolate glazed to take with me to my desk.  It was a full two hours later before I realized my error.  Doh!

So – now I try again.  Let’s see if I can do better for the remaining 90% of this trial.  Wish me luck – I’m gonna need all I can get!

Happy Holiday weekend!


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The DSW’s

I may have mentioned them before – but I wanted to make a formal introduction of a group of women that hold my heart.

This is my Thursday night – which I rigorously defend in my calendar.

This is my support network, my full-belly laughter, my work out crew, my spiritual walk.

These are women who challenge me to be a better person today than I was yesterday.  To strive for transparency.  Who show me that there is such a thing as grace and second chances.  They are more than just friends – they are sisters.

They are also JUST PLAIN FUN.  We laugh (a lot), we cry (sometimes).  We often stray off topic – but that’s my call (or fault – depends on your point of view) as the “ring-leader”.  And, did I mention that they are also gorgeous?  Here, take a look:

Me, Sarah, Chrissy, Melissa, Sarah, Nicole, Christy, Kelly

Most of the crew: Me, Sarah, Chrissy, Melissa, Sarah, Nicole, Christy, Kelly


DSW is our group nickname – which has several meanings, depending on our mood.

Desperate Single Women (desperate for more of HIM)

Desirable Single Women

Desperately Seeking the Word

Devine Sassy Wildthings

Dozen Saucy Women


The possibilities are endless.  I am so thankful for the blessing they are in my life.  We pretty much came together by random circumstances.  I only knew 3 of the dozen women prior to January/February.  And computer/email glitches threw most of the rest of us together in a small-group search database.  Although, between you, me and Jesus:  I KNOW that this was not random!


Who do you have in your life as a support?   Does anyone else have a regular get together with a group of women or a sport/hobby club?  If so, what does it mean to you?

Happy Monday!


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Summertime fun

Last weekend was Awesome!

First I found out that my fabulous niece was coming into town for a surprise visit. I think we’ll have her for two weeks.

Then we had a bbq & pool party at my friend Melissa’s house for her birthday.

And it was sunny

And there were potato chips, cake and ice cream.

And there were lots of pool toys. Here’s my niece sampling a few or twenty of them at once:

She who has the most toys, swims.  Er, I mean, wins

She who has the most toys, swims. Er, I mean, wins

I mean, really! If this is not the definition of childhood summer fun, what is?

Melissa’s niece was also at the party, and she’s just a few months older than Kira. Overheard a conversation between the two:

Kira: How old are you?

girl: Seven.

Kira (with pensive look on her face, then a shoulder shrug): Hmmm. Ok. Well, want to be friends anyway?

girl: Ok.

I wish making new friends was as easy now as it was twenty-something years ago!

Here’s hoping your summer is just as great!

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change of plans

In the words of Kelly B’s grandma –  I’ve decided to get off my pity-pot.   It’s about time.

There are still moments each day that I get a little bit blue, but then I just focus on all that is going well in my life right now.

The DSW’s (my fabulous small group)





Golf (not playing great, but I always have a great time)

enjoying a nice dinner on a Friday night with some good company.

my health.  (thanks to Joe F – I try not to take it for granted)


So there.  As Melissa put it – I seemed like my usual fun self on Saturday night at the big bonfire party.

But just to keep the momentum going, I’m planning a little vacationtherapy.  Hitting the Buick Open this weekend (Saturday am, Sunday afternoon) with a detour to Grand Rapids in between to see my bff Kelly.  Nothing like a some quality girlfriend time to put things in perspective.  I’ve also booked my annual Cape Cod trip this morning.

Lastly, I reserved my time off request for a long weekend overarching black-Saturday as I’m now calling it.  Not sure where I’m going, but I’m getting the heck out of Dodge that weekend.  Any suggestions for a fun, cheap vacation spot are appreciated. 🙂

Still working out a few kinks here and there.  Thanks for your patience in the mean time.

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